Who is the Venezuelan Laury Saavedra, the alleged Anuel AA’s new girlfriend?

The identity of the woman with whom he showed himself on social media is Laury Saavedra, as researched by more than one influent gossip voice.

On Tuesday, July 4, Dominican singer Yailin La Más Viral turned 21 years old while she is in a hospital to recover from a recent surgery, so she has been visited by her friends and family. While she was celebrating another year of life, a controversy broke out on social networks over a photo posted by her ex-boyfriend Anuel AA.

The Puerto Rican singer surprised on his Instagram stories by posting an image of kissing another woman. In the snapshot, the woman is hugging Anuel AA, and he is holding her torso while both are on a yacht.

The photo arrived on different gossip pages in which it was pointed out that singer Anuel would be presenting his “new girlfriend” right in the middle of his ex-partner’s birthday, with whom he had his daughter Cattleya.

La foto con la que Anuel causó furor en las redes sociales (@anuel)
The photo with which Anuel caused a furor in the social networks (@anuel)

In addition to the photo, the singer added another story on his social networks: some emoticons of a face in love and a devil. He also added a song to the publication in which you can hear: “Chingando tenemo’ un pacto / Estoy adicto a ti como el pasto / Ella no me da like, ni me sigue / Pero me puso un diablo de contacto,” which translates to “(trivial name) we have a pact / I’m addicted to you like grass / She does not give me a like, nor she follows me / But she put a contact devil on me.”

This happens in the middle of all the controversy that Anuel has unleashed during the last year, asking Karol G to return with him, dedicating songs, and using clothes in which he also mentions the current boyfriend of the Colombian, the singer Feid.

Who is Anuel’s new girlfriend?

Let’s return to the girl he kissed in the picture on social media. She is a young Venezuelan woman identified as Laury Saavedra, with whom Anuel has been sharing for quite some time. Some Internet users suspect this and compiled images showing that both have been in the same places.

One of the first coincidences they found was that they apparently traveled in the same helicopter a few days ago, as the two uploaded a video flying over an island in Puerto Rico.

Other photographs show that they flew in the same private jet because, although they do not appear together, each one shared an image in which it can be seen that it is the same aircraft.

Laury Saavedra has more than 12,000 followers on Instagram, and her account is private. In her profile description, she has flags of the United States, Colombia, Italy, and Spain, among others, from countries she has apparently met while traveling.

Many doubts arose after the publication of the Puerto Rican singer, who during the last years has had a quite agitated sentimental life. After separating from Karol G, the singer started a new love relationship and married Yailin, having their daughter Cattleya. He then appeared with the Colombian model Melissa Vallecilla, with whom he had a daughter named Gianella.

Esta es la imagen de Anuel AA que ha generado bastante polémica y molestia, sobre todo, entre seguidores de Feid | Foto: Instagram @anuel
This is the image of Anuel AA that has generated a lot of controversy and annoyance, especially among followers of Feid | Photo: Instagram @anuel

It is worth remembering that when Vallecilla announced on social networks that she had a baby with singer Anuel AA, he flatly denied it, as he was expecting Cattleya, the daughter he had with his ex-wife Yailin. After DNA tests and a media scandal, Anuel accepted the girl’s paternity and announced that he had already met her.

“I cannot and will not leave any daughter abandoned ever. No matter how it all happened, my heart does not give me the option to abandon and not love a daughter,” the Puerto Rican singer said at the time. To announce the start of his international tour, Anuel published several photographs in which he is seen with Cattleya, Pablo (his firstborn), and Gianella.

Anuel AA revealed why he decided to meet Gianella.

In a recent dialogue on the interview channel MoluscoTV, the urban singer revealed details about his personal and professional life. He acknowledged that he is “a man who has made mistakes” but also stated that he is currently trying to be a better man for his team, family, and children.

Anuel AA conoció a Gianella, su hija con la colombiana Melissa Vallecilla: “Me robó el corazón”. Foto: @anuel / Instagram
Anuel AA met Gianella, his daughter, with Colombian Melissa Vallecilla: “She stole my heart.” Photo: @anuel / Instagram

In that interview, Anuel revealed that he had spent a day with his daughter, Colombian Melissa Vallecilla, and acknowledged that his daughter Cattleya motivated him to leave the pride and meet Gianella. “I was with the little girl, Gianella, my other daughter, super beautiful. I loved her. She stole my heart, just like Cattleya. Because of Cattleya, I saw Cattleya too, and I said, ‘Wow, what am I doing? I have to fix this situation in my life,'” the singer pointed out.

According to the artist, after Cattleya’s birth, when he saw the newborn baby, he desired to meet Gianella, a minor whom he had refused to meet until that moment. “I said: ‘I have to go see Gianella now. What the f*** are you doing stupid?'”. Amidst happy laughter, Anuel noted that his three children look alike, “they all look like me when I was a baby.”

Anuel noted that there was a time when he thought he was seriously ill, but he realized that he was surrounded by people who did not bring him anything positive and decided to change his thinking. “I’ve matured quite a bit, and I’ve learned. I’m spending time with my children and my family,” he said.