Lawsuit between Rosie and Chiquis Rivera, analyzing the story

To understand the lawsuit between Rosie and Chiquis Rivera we have to tell the whole story, starting from December 9, 2012, when Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash.

It turns out that La Diva’s children named their aunt Rosie Rivera as the executor of their fortune, so she was left in charge of the Jenni Rivera Enterprises (JRE) and Jenni Rivera Fashion companies.

Nine years later, the family began to have various conflicts around the management of these resources, so they decided to carry out an investigation against Rosie, an act that was not to their liking. After this fact, the companies were run by the daughter of the Great Lady, Jacqie Rivera.

So, to announce the change, the new director launched a press release on January 4, there she also spoke of the result of the audit: “There was no evidence of any crime, misappropriation or theft of trust funds”.

Lawsuit between Rosie and Chiquis Rivera

Lawsuit Chiquis and Rosie Rivera
The lawsuit between Rosie and Chiquis Rivera, when Jenni Rivera‘s daughter accuses her aunt of allowing the robberies.

Following Jacqie Rivera’s press release, Chiquis Rivera, the daughter of the Diva de la Banda, was annoyed and, on January 5, she made a live broadcast to say what she thought about it, and assured that she did not agree with what was written, which is why the lawsuit between Rosie and Chiquis Rivera began.

“I just realized that a couple of years ago someone was stealing from Jenni Rivera Fashion, someone very close to Rosie, and she knew it. She told my sister Jacqie at the time… it was like $ 80,000 that was stolen.”

In the lawsuit between Rosie and Chiquis Rivera, she clarified that she did not accuse her aunt of being a thief, but she held her responsible for allowing these movements.

“Maybe Rosie is not a shoplifter, maybe Rosie did not steal, but she was not honest, she did not tell my brothers what had happened and it is something that should be said to them because they are the ones of the inheritance.”

“During the years that my mother was here, they don’t know how much she cried, how much she suffered, I am not going to say everything because it is not necessary, but if I have decided to leave, it is for a reason.”

As will be remembered, on AmericanPost.News it was reported that Chiquis Rivera thanked her mother for removing her from the will, but now the lawsuit between Rosie and Chiquis Rivera continues.

Rosie Rivera evades controversy

Chiquis and Rosie
In the middle of the lawsuit between Rosie and Chiquis Rivera, the aunt said she will not respond.

Now, that the alleged lawsuit between Rosie and Chiquis Rivera has been unleashed, Aunt Rivera said on her social networks that she will respond to these accusations, because she was sure that this whole situation was a media show and she was not willing to participate in it.

They’re telling me ‘Rosie, what’s your side? What are you going to say? What are you going to answer? ‘ My answer is that I am not going to answer, that I do not give time to those things, that I am not going to enter the circus that the media enjoy so much. I have not done it, I am not going to do it, it is not my style,” she said.

“I know they are not my enemies. I tell you: your husband is not your enemy, your sister is not your enemy, your cousin, your mother, your friend. He is not your enemy, here the enemy is satan and he wants me to stop preaching ”.

Johnny López, Jenni’s son, calls for a halt to the attacks

As for Jenni Rivera’s son, Johnny López, he asked about the lawsuit between Rosie and Chiquis Rivera on his Twitter to stop the attacks that were unleashed due to the conflict and that involved his cousins.

On behalf of my brothers and I, I want to ask any fan who attacked one of my cousins ​​to stop and I left them out of this. Our problems are with Rosie and Juan. Their kids don’t deserve to be hit with collateral damage and that’s never what we’ve wanted.”

Lawsuit between Jenni Rivera and her daughter Chiquis

Without a doubt, the lawsuit between Rosie and Chiquis Rivera has not been the only scandalous, the most famous was with her mother.

Before she died, Jenni thought that her daughter and ex-husband were romantically involved and that they had betrayed her. Over time, Chiquis Rivera spoke about when Jenni Rivera accused her of sleeping with her husband.

Juan Rivera stated for a television program that “when Jenni left she was upset with me because she thought Chiquis had done something wrong. I told my sister that she was seriously wrong and that I was not going to support a decision that would harm so much to a loved one of mine. ”

At that moment he took his niece’s side, since he considered that everything had been a mistake and did not want to affect her.

I believe that my niece does deserve something of the fortune of my sister Jenni, she worked for many years, she made my sister’s company grow to a large extent, she protected the children while Jenni worked. A mistake was made or not, I don’t know, I think it didn’t happen”, she commented in the same interview.

Brother Rivera implied that Jenni died believing that the infidelity had been real, so she decided to remove the Chiquis from the will. However now another dilemma is on the table, the lawsuit between Rosie and Chiquis Rivera.