lawsuit on Hoy’s show

  • Paul Stanley appears in a video beaten and bloodied
  • Hosts of the Hoy program star in ‘fight’
  • “The crazy man hit me,” said the driver

Paul Stanley hit face. The good humor for which Televisa’s Hoy program is characterized has created a great atmosphere among co-workers. The drivers have a good relationship with each other to keep the show happy, but could it be that they have already forgotten their friendship?


The driver Paul Stanley son of the late comedian Paco Stanley, starred in a controversial video on his Instagram account, where everything is shown beaten and bloody. Apparently and according to what he says in his clip is that it was one of his companions who brutally beat him.

Paul Stanley appears beaten in the face

Paul Stanley beaten face

With his face totally hurt, the host of the morning program Hoy wrote in his publication that the crazy man had beaten him. This fact has shocked in social networks, since it is made to think that the friendship in the show is already over, because of his words.

The bruises shown by Stanley were caused by the “crazy man”, as he describes it in his recording: “The crazy man hit me,” he wrote in his publication on his social network profile. The presenter is seen crying due to his injuries when suddenly he hears a knock on the door.

Paul Stanley hit face: “They beat me friends”

Paul Stanley hit face: "They beat me friends"

“They beat me friends, they beat me, here comes the crazy man”, were the words of Paul Stanley when he hears someone knock on the door. Then he told him that he was not going to open the door to his attacker who was on the other side waiting for the door to be opened and to go in to beat him again.

When he finally decides to open the door, the driver Jorge “El Burro” Van Rankin appears who, like Stanley, had some bruises on his face. The Mexican entered the room furiously, apparently he had been the culprit of the beating that Paul had on his face.

Paul Stanley hit face: Hit him again

Paul Stanley hit face: Hit him again

At the moment of entering the room, El Burro Van Rankin looks annoyed and begins to threaten Paul Stanley for what he only says: “Don’t hit me anymore” and El Burro threw a direct blow to the camera that was recording this moment voltage between conductors.

This situation turned out to be a joke for social networks, since normally both drivers of Hoy are great friends. However, it was all part of a joke, it can be seen in the comments, since his colleagues like Andrea Legarreta sent some laughing emojis.

Paul Stanley hit face: “Stop joking around with violence ”

Paul Stanley hit face: "Stop joking around violently"

Internet users immediately noticed that it was a joke and were relieved that this lawsuit was just a game between both hosts of the Hoy program: “I said .. What happened to him ..? You miss Paul ”,“ Don’t stain ”,“ Oh yes I was scared ”,“ I was impressed ”, said some Internet users.

“So that you continue to behave badly”, “That happens to you for scratching my car”, “Stop joking violently, it is a bad example, I am not liking you”, “It is not for those net jokes”, “Nothing to see that violence with what is being lived … It does not leave any teaching “,” I did believe it, that is a good joke “, were some comments. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

Paul Stanley beaten face: Host of the Televisa program Hoy, suffered strong symptoms of the coronavirus

Jenny García, host of the Televisa program Hoy, suffered from strong symptoms of the coronavirus
Instagram photo

Just a few days after Galilea Montijo revealed the consequences of the coronavirus, another host of Televisa’s Hoy program, Jenny García, fights for her life after catching Covid-19 with her baby. According to information from TV Notes, the also choreographer, who was previously in TV Azteca’s Venga la joy, shared through her Instagram stories that she feared for her baby’s well-being more than hers.

“I am very sad and desperate, praying a lot and asking God not to get into a more delicate situation. As time went by, we could not stop our baby’s crying and, at the same time, Jenny began to feel very tired, so we were alarmed, we went immediately, they did a PCR and sadly they both came out positive, this is! a nightmare! ”, expressed Fernando Moreno, Jenny García’s partner.

Paul Stanley hit face: “Jenny is the worst”

"Jenny is the one who is worse"
Instagram photo

In this same interview for TV Notes, Fernando Moreno revealed that Jenny García was the worst, since she had been attacked very hard by the coronavirus: “She is exhausted, I really see her very sick, and increase her that she has to breastfeed Luca , It feels worse! ”.

“Until now, no (hospitalize the host of Hoy de Televisa), we are only constantly monitoring, but if it continues to get worse, we must attend to the doctor’s instructions; however, I am praying a lot that we do not have to intern her, “he concluded.

Apparently, the host of Hoy de Televisa has already passed the worst

Apparently, the host of Hoy de Televisa has already passed the worst
Instagram photo

Through her Instagram stories, Jenny García has kept her followers informed of her health status: “Good morning, I woke up and better. Mom just hurts her body and throat a little, we are already happier and more spirited, because we are reading them and their good vibes. Thank you all for caring. “

In another video, the host of Hoy de Televisa said: “Beautiful people, because today we feel a little better. We still have a bad throat a little, but we no longer have body aches, there is no doubt that there is a phrase that says that in prison and in illness you meet friends and I have noticed many people that I did not think that they were my friends, of people I didn’t think was worth so much to them ”. Filed as Paul Stanley Beaten Face

Galilea Montijo, about to die from the consequences of the coronavirus?

Heart stroke?  Galilea Montijo, about to die from the consequences of the coronavirus?
YouTube photo

It has not been the best year for the host of the Hoy de Televisa program, Galilea Montijo, because in addition to the death of her father and other loved ones, her two coronavirus infections left her several sequels, so the doubt arose if she was just about to die.

In the broadcast of the Hoy program last Friday, September 17, available on his YouTube channel, “Gali”, he shared with his colleagues, after presenting a note in which the host Monserrat Oliver said the damage left by the Covid -19, what no one would have imagined. Filed as Paul Stanley Beaten Face

“He left me the heart stroke and peritonitis”

"The heart stroke and peritonitis left me": Galilea Montijo, host of Hoy de Televisa
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“I have listened to several people who say, especially the loss of memory, after the Covid, there are many sequelae, the heart stroke and peritonitis left me. There are many people who have affected them, ”said Galilea Montijo.

Before the attentive gaze of her colleagues, the television presenter also shared that her cardiologist told her that after several months of being infected, some inflammations occur, so you have to take your pressure frequently. Filed as Paul Stanley Beaten Face

He was infected twice with coronavirus

He was infected twice with coronavirus
YouTube photo

As if that were not enough, Galilea Montijo revealed that she is hypertensive, although that condition is her mother’s ‘fault’: “Please check if you feel strange,” he said, to which Andrea Legarreta recommended to the public not to miss the opportunity to get vaccinated.

Later, the host of the Hoy de Televisa program clarified that one of the sequels left by this terrible disease was pericarditis (inflammation and irritation of the thin sac-like membrane that surrounds the heart) and not peritonitis. Filed under Paul Stanley hit face.