Lawyer who shot dead his wife, singer Yrma Lydya Gamboa, in a luxurious restaurant in Mexico had threatened her at gunpoint

Jesús Hernández Alcocer is accused of shooting his wife, singer Yrma Lydya Gamboa, to death in a Mexico City restaurant.

Photo: Secretary of Public Security of Mexico City / Courtesy

This coming Thursday, the authorities in Mexico City will determine if they link Jesús Hernández Alcocer and his driver to the process for the shooting attack on the former’s wife, the singer Yrma Lydya Gamboa.

The facts for which Hernández Alcocer, a 79-year-old lawyer, and his subordinate, only identified as Benjamín “N”, are being tried were reported June 24 at the Suntory restaurant in Colonia del Valle in the Benito Juárez City Hall.

The Mexican regional music artist and who was part of the cast of the musical show “GranDiosas”, was supposedly 21 years old; but some reports question that fact and indicate that she was older.

The suspect shot the victim in the chest three times, then fled the scene with the help of his driver.

The local police chief, Omar García Harfuch, reported that the alleged murderer and the accomplice, 46 years old, were arrested when they tried to escape in the car.

Authorities filed femicide charges against Hernández Alcocer.

The Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office maintains that the gunman intended to kill his wife.
Even the couple had been separated for several weeks.

According to the report of Noticieros Televisa, Gamboa had denounced Hernández Alcocer, on December 20, 2021, for domestic abuse before the Public Ministry of the Álvaro Obregón Prosecutor’s Office. But, later, he withdrew the complaint.

The complaint was made after being in a restaurant having dinner, the man began to verbally assault her. Allegedly, already at her home, the lawyer physically assaulted her.

In her statement to the authorities, the singer assured that the suspect put a gun to his foreheadHe threatened to kill her and then hit her on the head.

Also, he spat on her and kicked her. The abuse continued until they took her to her bed, pulling her by her hair. There, with a pistol of hers, she allegedly began to tap her on the stomach with the pistol and to insist on her death threats.

The day of the murder, the man had summoned her to the restaurant where he had reserved a distant place for the rest of the diners. Before entering with the weapon hidden in her clothes, the accused told the driver to keep an eye out for her.

According to the information handled by the Prosecutor’s Office, at the meeting, the woman made it clear her interest in separatingand was even making notes on paper.

On Sunday, a judge from the North Prison ordered pre-trial detention for the two defendants.

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