Leading cast begins recordings of ‘Allá Te Espero’, a new telenovela from Televisa and Univision

They have begun the recordings of the new stellar telenovela of Televisa and Univision that until now has the title “I’ll wait for you there“. Production is carried out by Angelli nesma, successful producer of melodramas like “María La Del Barrio”, “Lo Que La Vida Me Robó” and “Abismo de Pasión”.

On this occasion, the leading roles fall into the hands of Gabriel Soto (“Do you remember me”), Eva Cedeño (“I give you life”) and Andres Palacios (“Empire of Lies”).

The event was attended by the producer Angelli Nesma, the associate producer Ignacio Alarcon and the main cast of this melodrama that also includes Arturo Peniche, Irina Baeva, José Elías Moreno, Eugenia Cauduro, Federico Ayos, Ligia Uriarte, Ramiro Fumazoni, Jessica Más, Pedro Sicard, Lambda García, Laura Vignatti, Mara Cuevas, Mar Bonelli , Pato de la Garza, Paulina Menéndez, Iker García, Fermín Zúñiga and Sergio Madrigal.

During the event, the production company expressed her excitement to carry out this project with a first-rate cast and production team. As he has traditionally done, he sprinkled the script for this story with champagne, as a good luck ritual.

“Allá Te Espero” is based on the Colombian telenovela of the same name that tells the story of a Latino family torn apart by distance, betrayal and the broken promise of their American dream. A tangle of secrets and forbidden love will slowly bring them all together again.