Learn about the medical condition that makes Karol G gain weight

The singer Carolina Giraldo Navarro, better known as Karol G, is going through a health condition that causes her to gain weight in a fairly simple way. Nevertheless, she has always been criticized for her extra pounds.

The Colombian is recognized for the great successes she has achieved in her career and it is that a few days ago she equaled the record that Selena Quintanilla had in the Billborad in 1995. Despite this and other achievements, she on several occasions has explained the disease that has and yet it continues to be the subject of negative comments.

The songwriter has explained that it is actually too hard for her to lose the pounds that make her look obese. However, have high amounts of insulin in your bodyand it is that although it is maintained under rigorous diets and constant exercise routines, this does not help it at all.

I had completely elevated insulin and (I had) the gland that is activated in women when they give birth, that is, my body had given birth and was completely swollen and inflamed, “he told Mezcal TV.

In the midst of the pandemic, she took the opportunity to treat herself to certain tastes, and that is that she ate everything she wanted, because she has explained that when she has tours her diet is usually very tight and therefore she cannot eat everything she wants.

He explained to Mollusco TV that in 2021 he weighed 30 pounds more than he already had. On that occasion, she again expressed the health condition that she has been accompanying her for years and that makes her increase in size in a fairly simple way.

“During the pandemic, I weighed 76 kilos (167 pounds). I’m at 62 (136 pounds) already. I caught up. I have a medical condition that anything I eat has insulin saturation. I literally get fat breathing“He said in the aforementioned interview.

There was an occasion that Due to her high weight, rumors of a possible pregnancy began.Well, at that time she was Anuel AA’s girlfriend, so it could be completely normal for it to happen, but this was false.

During the delivery of Youth Awards of the year 2020 ended in tears for all the negative reviews it had received by then.

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