Learn about the strict eating habits followed by the famous singer Dua Lipa

Recently the singer Dua Lipa has talked about the Feeding Habits that continues to preserve its spectacular silhouette.

It was in an interview, where the singer shared to his followers that in addition to his perseverance and discipline in the exercise, he carries out some somewhat curious habits.

As we have shared with you AmericanPost.Newsthe singer has been on everyone’s lips after she announced her “Future Nostalgia” tour with Megan The Stallion, of which all her fans have been amazed.

Dua Lipa’s strict eating habits

The singer really enjoys skin care. Dua’s name means “Love”

Dua Lipa is one of the most recognized pop stars in recent times for his talent and his peculiar tone of voice.

However, it is also recognized for enjoying show off your statuesque silhouette which he assures to a large extent, has achieved with discipline but above all, with the help of their Feeding Habits.

The interpreter of “physical” shared in an interview for the podcast “At Your Service” the details about her diet, in them she drew a lot of attention that the singer does not eat any solid food after six o’clock in the evening.

“I don’t eat anything since six in the evening… When I eat late, my body is not able to work well on it and it takes me longer to process the food”assured the singer.

Another of the curious facts that he shared is that he consumes a lot of water and also takes vitamins to show off healthy skin.

How is Dua Lipa’s fandom known?

Dua’s name means “Love”

In 2016, the British singer conducted a survey from her Twitter account in which asked his followers the name they would like to have as a fandom.

Among the options offered by the singer were Duanators, Badmans and Loves; According to the response of his followers, “You see it” was the name that won.

For this reason, Dua Lipa has always used the hashtag #YOU SEE IT to refer to his followers since according to the pop music interpreter, It is a way for her and her fans to pay homage to the origins of the artist and seize the most beautiful word that exists in the world.

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