Lebron James remains firm in his game and made history on the court

Photo: Harry Jow/Getty Images

Los Angeles Lakers They continue without fuel in the current NBA season, after adding a new defeat, but this time against Indiana Pacers. Nevertheless, Lebron James He remains firm in his game on the court and once again made it clear that he is one of the best athletes in this sport. In fact, his huge performance last Wednesday served to write his name once again in the record books.

James played 37 minutes with the Californians and in that time he scored 30 points with 12 rebounds and five assists. In this way, the star of the gold and purple team surpassed the barrier of the 10,000 rebounds in his career, figures that demonstrate his greatness in this sport and an unprecedented fact.

Thus, Lebron James He became the first player in the history of the sport to accumulate 30,000 or more points, 10,000 or more rebounds, and 9,000 or more assists. All this in a career of 19 seasons playing at the highest level.

In this way, the “King” of Akron, continues adding merits to be in the Stars game this year in Cleveland. Without forgetting that, if you retire today, Lebron James would be a fixture among the members of the Hall of Fame of this sport.

On the other hand, he will seek to further enlarge his legacy on the court with respect to assists, since he only has 92 left to reach 10,000 and continue adding points to climb positions in this line. In addition, there is a point in favor and that is that physically, Lebron James has the ability to stay at the highest level for at least two more years.