LeBron James’ secret: the complex diet that keeps the Lakers star on top

LeBron James is the main figure of the Los Angeles Lakers

Photo: Harry How / Getty Images

Shortly after his 37th birthday, the American basketball player LeBron James is still on top of the sport, captaining the Los Angeles Lakers in the pursuit of another championship.

In his healthy competition to become the best in history over Michael Jordan (some basketball experts say he has already surpassed it), James takes great care of details such as his diet and physical care.

During confinement at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the forward he set up a huge gym in his house to exercise up to four times a day, with special observation of their coaches via telematics.

For several years LeBron disciplined himself a diet rich in protein and fruits. Her favorite breakfast is pancakes made with just egg whites, berry fruits, and skimmed Greek yogurt. He has also been seen eating a sandwich made of whole wheat flour with a little peanut butter in the morning.

For lunches, the Lakers star favors lean meats and light carbohydrates, all low in fat.

In 2016, the year in which raised the NBA center with the Cleveland Cavaliers, in conversation with Business Insider explained that before going out to play he eats good proteins for strength, but in terms of resistance, he prefers good carbohydrates that ensure he is strong on the court.

“Before playing, I eat chicken breast and maybe some pasta. Carbohydrates help because you are going to go out to play for a lot of minutes (…) a salad and some vegetables are also very good for me. Before the game I can have a protein shake and some fruit, “he said at the time.

The game ends and the rigorous diet does not end there. To maintain shape, the 2.03 meter tall and over 100 kilogram player rehydrates with a mixture of water with a carbohydrate-rich recovery liquid given to him by his personal trainer, Mike Mancias, according to research from media such as CBS Sports and Mens Health magazine.

The combination helps the Lakers player to replenish their levels of glycogen, a carbohydrate essential to provide complete energy to the body and which is stored in both the liver and muscle tissue.

The likes of LeBron James

Despite being a super sportsman who annually bill millions of dollars in favor of his brand and the club where he plays, LeBron James is also human, so on his days off he also indulges in certain tastes that he openly displays on the social network Instagram.

While other athletes are inclined to pizzas and sweets with high amounts of sugar, also chemical substances, “King” James opts for wine. As his former Cavs teammate Kevin Love said: LeBron has a supercomputer in his brain when it comes to wine.

Although by anchoring different medical studies, it can be concluded that this pleasure from James is not “guilty”, since wine has different benefits and positive effects such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and lipid regulators.

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