Legendary actor Sergio DeFassio dies of heart attack at 70

Beloved actor Sergio DeFassio, known for roles in "Vecinos" and "Un Día Para Vivir," passes away after recent pacemaker surgery, leaving fans and industry in mourning.

The entertainment world is again in mourning due to the unfortunate death of beloved actor and comedian Sergio DeFassio, who lost his life at the age of 70, as announced by Televisa through its social networks during the early hours of Wednesday, April 19.

It is worth mentioning that, in the brief statement issued by Emilio Azcarraga’s TV station, it was informed that Sergio DeFassio’s death occurred on the morning of April 18, and although no further details were offered in different specialized media, it was reported that the actor died of a heart attack since he had undergone surgery to place a pacemaker in his heart just a few days ago.

We regret the sensitive death of actor Sergio DeFassio on the morning of April 18″ was the statement with which Televisa informed the unfortunate death of the actor who participated in productions such as “Vecinos,” “Hasta Que El Dinero Nos Separe,” “Al Diablo Con Los Guapos” and “Un Día Para Vivir,” which was his last appearance on the small screen.

It is important to point out that approximately five years ago, Sergio DeFassio was fighting against a malignant tumor detected in the upper part of his face and head, for which he had to undergo several marathon surgeries to have the tumor removed. Although he managed to get through it, the disease damaged his health from different sides. In addition, he had to be constantly monitored because the possibility of cancer returning was latent.

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Sergio DeFassio participated in countless productions throughout his brilliant career. Photo: Special
Sergio DeFassio participated in countless productions throughout his brilliant career. Photo: Special

About Sergio DeFassio and his last appearance in public

Sergio DeFassio was originally from Puebla, born on October 21, 1952. Although there is very little information about his early life, as well as his family life, it is known that he began his artistic career in the early 1970s as a film and theater actor. It was during the 1980s when he leaped into television. In addition to shining in soap operas, he also participated in various comedy shows where he earned a place within the guild of comedians.

Throughout his successful career, Sergio DeFassio became an institution within the artistic guild due to his acting quality, making him one of the industry’s most loved and respected personalities. His death caused a great shock.

Sergio DeFassio ‘s last public appearance was on March 25 when he attended the funeral of his dear friend, Xavier López “Chabelo,” and on that occasion, he was approached by different media and said that the death of the “Amigo De Todos Los niños” was an irreparable loss for the artistic environment and recalled some anecdotes they lived together, he also confessed that he was going through a bad emotional moment because he had recently ended a love relationship, but he did not offer more details about it.