Lele Pons captures Nadia Ferreira’s radiant beach look during a yacht vacation with Marc Anthony and friends

Nadia Ferreira embraces natural beauty on a yacht trip, dons a Barbie-inspired kimono, and reconnects with fans on social media.

As summer bids its farewell, a myriad of celebrities flock to the beach for one last sun-soaked hurrah. This past weekend saw many stars, including Salma Hayek, bask in the spotlight as they flaunted their summer ensembles. Yet, amidst the glitz, it was Nadia Ferreira who truly captivated the public’s attention.

Having become a mother on July 18, Ferreira had previously maintained a low profile on social media, sharing only glimpses of her new chapter. However, this weekend marked a notable departure, as Ferreira warmly reconnected with her Instagram followers, chronicling her brief summer retreat with her husband Marc Anthony, and a close circle of friends.

This was the look with which the model looked like Barbie (Photo: IG @lelepons).

This was the look with which the model looked like Barbie (Photo: IG @lelepons).

The Return of the Model

During the weekend getaway, Ferreira exuded elegance, donning a chic kimono that echoed the timeless allure of Barbie. Onboard a yacht, her presence was undeniable as she effortlessly blended style and grace.

Lele Pons, via the Meta platform (previously known as Facebook), gave fans a peek into their lavish vacation, sharing candid moments of Marc Anthony, Guaynaa, and the stunning Nadia Ferreira, as they reveled in the summer sun. While the guests’ ensemble choices were certainly trendy, it was Ferreira, the Paraguayan sensation, who dominated social media chatter.

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Nadia Ferreira flaunted the chicest kimono of the year (Photo: IG @nadiaferreira).
Nadia Ferreira flaunted the chicest kimono of the year (Photo: IG @nadiaferreira).

Natural Beauty in the Limelight

One of the standout elements of Ferreira’s appearance was her decision to embrace a natural look, forgoing makeup. This choice, albeit not a gamble for someone heralded as one of show business’s most beautiful figures, was lauded by many. Additionally, her attire, reminiscent of Barbie with a delicate pink kimono, further solidified her as a fashion icon.

Amidst a sea of bikinis, Ferreira’s distinctive beach attire—a pastel pink kimono—made her the undeniable center of attention. Her ensemble, while exuding a sense of modesty, was perfectly balanced with a hint of allure, accentuated by a subtle neckline and long sleeves.

Would you steal her look (Photo: IG @nadiaferreira).
Would you steal her look (Photo: IG @nadiaferreira)?

Praise and Affection on Social Media

Although Ferreira shared snapshots of her ensemble on her own social media platforms, it was through Lele Pons that fans got an all-encompassing view of her impeccable beach attire. Unsurprisingly, Ferreira was inundated with accolades from her fanbase. Adding to the camaraderie of the trip, Ferreira left a heartfelt comment on one of the posts, exclaiming to Guaynaa’s wife, “Que rico la pasamos la,” encapsulating the joy of their shared vacation experience.