Lele Pons complains about her bad tan on her butt, but her fans appreciate it

Lele Pons complains about her bad tan on her butt, but her fans appreciate it

Lele Pons causes a stir because of the bad tan in his rear.

Photo: Lele Pons / Mezcalent

The influencer Lele pons raised the temperature this weekend by sharing the “bad tan” left by the mischievous hand of Guaynaa in your rear.

The one that looked like a spectacular tan did not end as Lele expected since the Puerto Rican apparently fell asleep and forgot to remove his hand from his girlfriend’s buttock and after some time in the sun, his mischievous silhouette was marked in the visual appeal of the young woman. .

Chayanne’s niece, who was seen wearing a one-piece swimsuit, upon seeing the result that her lover left her, got up from the place very angry and covered the ‘defect’ with a towel.

The followers of the influencer did not take long to react through emojis in the form of fire, faces crying with laughter and applause, the sensual postcard that she gave them.

“The best way to mark the territory.” “I’ll kill him if they do the same to me.” “I love them, I love them.” “That’s love, not antics.” “Not only did he make us laugh, but he gave us a sensual weekend image.” “You look amazing Lele, I love you.” “I love this couple”. “They are the best”, were some comments that the video received.

The video, which has been reproduced more than 4 million times and commented on by 10,000 people, is nothing more than a new strategy for the couple to promote the song “Abajo y Arriba”.

This is not the first time that Lele Pons causes the networks to go crazy with one of his videos, much less that a news item goes viral, to show “Abajo y Arriba”.

With this new video it is clear that the Venezuelan has great ingenuity and that she will not hesitate to blow it up when it comes to making ‘noise’, even, on several occasions she has revealed that she is willing to do everything, even to hurt herself, with so that a content is perfect.

Who is very involved in the creativity of Lele Pons is nothing more and nothing less than his beloved Guaynaa who has not hesitated to add his creativity to that of his girlfriend and they have caused the public to surrender to them, in addition, they have asked them to never separate because together they are pure dynamite and they do not want to stop enjoying their follies.

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