From Camila Morrone to Rose Bertram, Kylian Mbappé’s ex: Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest dating history

Get the latest scoop on Leonardo DiCaprio's rumored relationships with Rose Bertram and Maya Jama in Europe. Camila Morrone shares post-breakup thoughts.

Leonardo DiCaprio has given much to talk about, as it is rumored that he likes to date girls much younger than him, his last girlfriend was a model named Camila Morrone, with whom he had a relationship of 5 years, but after closing that cycle, the actor has been from flower to flower.

And now he has been linked to a new love, as it is presumed that “The Reborn” has taken advantage of his stay in Europe to conquer new hearts, such as that of the model Rose Bertram, 28, who, by the way, was in a relationship with the soccer player Kylian Mbappé.

In that sense, British media captured Dicaprio and Bertram arriving together at the Kuku restaurant in Paris. Although the actor wanted to avert the eyes by covering himself with a cap, the cameras photographed him both on his arrival and departure.

Leonardo’s conquests

Leonardo DiCaprio is caught with new girls
Leonardo DiCaprio is caught with new girls

But although he was already linked to the 28-year-old girl, he was also captured with the British presenter Maya Jama, with whom it is known that he enjoyed a party that lasted two nights in a row. They were also seen at the BAFTA Awards 2023 party.

So it is not ruled out that the actor has a possible casual relationship with both girls now that he is visiting the old continent.

Camila Morrone talks about her ex

Rose talks about her ex
Rose talks about her ex

While her ex-boyfriend is partying, looking for new girls, model Camila Morrone speaks for the first time since her breakup with DiCaprio, stressing that their history is completely over and that at this stage her life, she is starting to grow up.

“I’ve never learned as much as I did at 25. I’m starting to feel like a woman. But I also feel small in many ways,” she explained.