Leonardo DiCaprio shakes the market with the purchase and sale of two mansions in Malibu

Leonardo DiCaprio shakes the market with the purchase and sale of two mansions in Malibu

Leonardo DiCaprio sells his old Malibu mansion.

Photo: Amy Sussman / Getty Image / Grosby Group

The actor Leonardo Dicaprio, 46, has been very active in 2021, but not because of his participation in the cinema, but because of the purchase and sale of properties throughout the country.

Last may spent $ 7.1 million on a house in the Los Feliz area, while three months later put another one on the market for $ 5.75 million dollars, without so far having been able to sell it.

While waiting for the sale of that mansion, the protagonist of ‘The Revenant’ continues to move his pieces in the Malibu area, where not only just put one of his homes on the market for $ 10 million, but also, bought another one for $ 13.8 million.

What is the house DiCaprio is selling like?

The property was bought by Leonardo DiCaprio, in 1998, after disbursing $ 1.6 millionHowever, since 2016 he has tried to sell it, without success.

The house, which has increased its value considerably in these 23 years and is now offered for $ 10 million, has an area of ​​1,765 square feet, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

DiCaprio House
This is what Leonardo DiCaprio’s living room and dining area looks like. (The Grosby Group)

It is completed, according to the technical sheet, by hall, by kitchen, by dining room, by living room, by main room, by television room, among other rooms.

The kitchen is semi-open and not very spacious. It is equipped with gray-tone cabinets and high-end appliances.

DiCaprio kitchen
The kitchen is not that spacious and is semi-open (The Grosby Group)

The master bedroom, from which you have access to a balcony, has more than enough space to install a bed and a living room.

Outside, on his 6,893-square-foot lot, the Titanic protagonist enjoys a terrace, a Jacuzzi and spectacular ocean views, even with private access to the beach.

DiCaprio House
Leonardo DiCaprio’s house seen from the outside. (The Grosby Group)

What is the house that Leonardo DiCaprio bought in Malibu like?

DiCaprio’s new home was built in 2005 and previously belonged to renowned orthopedic surgeon Rick Delamarter.

The operation was carried out, according to the Dirt portal, in an operation outside the market, so further details about its interiors are unknown.

According to the data sheet, the luxurious home has an area of ​​3,268 square feet, with four bedrooms and five bathrooms.

The beachfront home sits on a 0.33 acre lot and has a staircase leading to the beach.

To see the exterior images of the mansion you bought, click here.

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