Leslie Grace shares first image of her look as Batgirl in the movie

The Batgirl movie is increasingly anticipated due to the incredible news that the studio has released in the coming days, where the famous actress Lesbia Grace has undoubtedly surprised many.

This film that will be released by HBO Max will introduce us to the beginnings of one of the most popular Batman sidekicks in the franchise, as well as one of the most important, so the DCEU is finally expanding.

In the last few hours, the famous protagonist caused a great impact on social networks, because through +her official Instagram account+ she shared the first official look at the suit she will use as Batgirl in the film.

Leslie Grace shares first look of Batgirl costume

If it wasn’t enough for +Michael Keaton to join the cast of Batgirl+, now the famous actress showed us one of the most modern costumes of the heroine, which, although it caused disgust for many, left the fans of the comics very satisfied.

The actress gave us our first glimpse of the suit she will wear accompanied by a powerful phrase that says the following: ‘I use your expectations against you, that will be your weakness, not mine. Let them underestimate me, and when your guard is down and your pride is up, let me kick your ass.’ Affirming that the story would be based on year one of the heroine, something similar to what will happen with Robert Pattinson’s Batman.

Where did the Batgirl costume design come from?

The design seen in the film emerged in the comics in 2014

We inform you in AmericanPost.News that although many did not like the design, it comes from an official version released in the comics in 2014, which was created by Cameron Stewart and Babs Tara, which was used for an arc that would show us the beginnings of Barbara Gordon as the mysterious Batgirl.

It is worth mentioning that recently +confirmed Batman and Robin+ and even showed us a new version of Michael Keaton’s suit, so she herself could receive an update, however, as she is starting, the design of the suit is according to the facts that she will present the movie.

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