Letter to Santa Claus written 60 years ago found hidden in fireplace

A letter written to Santa Claus asking for gifts for a child It was discovered after it was stuck in a chimney for 60 years.

The Christmas message, handwritten and signed, was found by a chimney sweep company in Worksop, a town in the north of England, about 150 miles from London.

The company published the finding on social media to try to identify who it belonged to. It turned out to have been written by a father on behalf of his son, who now hopes to get his hands on it.

Robert Crampton, a retired police officer, confirmed that he expected “a cowboy suit with a gun, hat and everything else.”

Despite the problems with the letter, Crampton received his gifts six decades ago.

Robert Crampton, pictured here in the garden of his home in Worksop, said his Christmas wish came true. (Photo: ROBERT CRAMPTON)

Crampton confirmed that the letter was written a few days before Christmas 1961, When I was 5 years old.

Born in neighboring Retford, but now living in Surrey (southern England), the 65-year-old retiree said the letter was written on his behalf by his late father, a sergeant in the Royal Army.

Robert Crampton
Robert Alfred Crampton, the author of the Christmas letter, died at the age of 66. (Photo: ROBERT CRAMPTON)

After he learned of the letter, one of the telltale clues was the clear blue ink handwriting who identified his father as the perpetrator.

“I talked to my mom and she said, ‘It must have been your dad’s handwriting, because if it was yours, you would surely have received a dollhouse.”

“[Ella] It reminded me that I actually got part of the outfit – I got a gun like the cowboy ones and a holster, and I remember getting a sheriff’s badge. “

Robert Crampton
Robert Crampton with his wife Mary. (Photo: ROBERT CRAMPTON)

Crampton now hopes to receive so that his daughters have a memory of their father, who died in 1996.

He added that his Christmas wish came true, after completing 30 years of service with the Surrey Police, before retiring in 2013.

“I always wanted to be a sheriff, and I think in a way I was,” he said.

The letter meets the current owners of the house. The family has lived there for decades and did not know the previous tenants.

Cheryl Thorne, manager of the chimney sweep company Sweeps Chimney Services, said she was excited they tracked down the original author of the missive.

“I am a sentimental person and when I started this business I told my husband that I always wanted to find a Christmas letter,” she said.

“It is a fireplace treasure. It’s beautiful when you find something like that. “

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