Lewandowski is sincere and responds to Messi’s words for the Ballon d’Or

How do you know the Golden Ball of this 2021 was given to Lionel messi, who competed against Robert Lewandowsk for the award and to whom he dedicated some sincere words full of humility that moved everyone, but what did he say about the Pole Leo? And how did the Pole respond? Here we tell you!

On AmericanPost.News We remind you that Lionel added another of these trophies this year, already having seven of the awards in full.

Previously we told you that Robert won the award for Best Forward of the year; However, now we will tell you what he has responded to Messi after the words he gave him when he received his seventh award from France Football.

What did Lionel Messi say to Robert?

The Paris Saint-Germain Football Club striker took advantage of the ceremony where he received his most recent award to dedicate a moving speech to his opponent Lewandowsk, these were his words:

“It is a special night for me. It is an honor to fight with Lewandowski, you were the winner of the Ballon d’Or last year and France Football should give it to you.”

Furthermore, he added:

“You were just the winner, you should have it at home too.”

How did Robert Lewandowsk respond to Messi?

It was through Kanale Sportowym, a Polish television channel that Robert shared his thoughts about the words Lionel gave him during the Ballon d’Or gala:

“I would like it to be a sincere and cool statement from a great player and not just a statement but not just words.”

And he added:

“Of course, I do not want to be proud or excited but, as I said, there is a whole choice based on everything that is being done.”

The Pole pointed out that he respects Messi’s level of play and everything he has achieved, and that the simple fact that he was contesting the award with him is, he commented:

“… an indicator of my own level.”

Finally, the Pole said he was very proud of what Leo said and that he appreciates it, although he did not hesitate to express that he felt sad for not winning the trophy, one that he said was not a day or two, but more like that. , although he highlighted:

“… I’m happy that we didn’t get a match this week at this time.”

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