Lice found on H&M clothing and company does nothing, claim

Through social networks, the images published by the worker in an H&M store, as it was clearly appreciated that the clothes had lice And although he gave notice to his superiors, he indicated that they did nothing and that there would not be any type of sanction or inspection for the company.

The events took place on December 29 at a branch located in New York and despite the fact that she tried to alert Internet users, now she is afraid of being discovered and does not want to lose her job, so she ended up resigning.

One of the few times the company closed all of its stores was when there were protests over the death of George Floyd, fearing heavy losses from the looting that had occurred.

Lice on H&M clothing

The company has not said anything about the situation The stores have many garments for men and women

The young woman explained that she was working at the Oculos branch, World Trade, in New York and it was a client who discovered the lice on a rack of hooded sweatshirts, although she was not sure of the type of animal that was in the garments, users reaffirmed that they were lice.

“They will not close the store or notify employees about the problem. The section is simply blocked ”.

He announced that he resigned from the company, as things were getting tense and preferred to walk away since he hated that job, in addition to avoiding the outbreak of lice.

“Thank you to those who cared about me and my job loss. My last day will be Friday. I apologized to the manager because I didn’t think the tweet would go far. “

Much has been said about the quality of the clothing in this store and although most of it has good references, this outbreak of alleged lice at the branch puts millions of customers on alert.

What products does H&M sell?

The stores have many clothes for men and women

The stores sell clothing, shoes, accessories and even makeup, which makes the company one of the world’s favorites for the quality and variety of garments it offers to its customers.

It has faced several challenges, such as when the Chinese media called for a boycott of H&M and other Western brand stores for reasons that they did not want to publicize, but we made the details known in AmericanPost.News.

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