Life sentence for Naasón Joaquín García? This says the lawyer of the leader of La Luz del Mundo

Guadalajara Jalisco.- Life imprisonment could be the the possible sentence for Naasón Joaquín García according to his lawyers. The leader of Iglesia La Luz del Mundo will be tried in the United States in less than four months.

According to what was published by the Univisión network, Alan Jackson, who is the defense attorney for Naasón Joaquín García, has indicated that “this is a complex case in which Mr. García is facing dozens of serious charges, five accusers and a potential sentence of life imprisonment”, punishment that the Prosecutor’s Office would be promoting.

Said declaration would have been made through a document that the defense of Naasón Joaquín García delivered to the superior judge Ronald Coen, who will rule on his trial next May.

It should be remembered that Naason Joaquin Garcia has been imprisoned in Los Angeles, California, United States, since June 3, 2019, the date on which he was captured for the 25 charges against him. 19 of them are still in force, among them: sexual abuse of minors, child pornography and human trafficking.

Last September, Debate Mexico released statements by attorneys Alan Jackson and Caleb Mason, in which they celebrated the decision of the Judge Ronald Coen to postpone the trial of its leader Naason Joaquín García to review alleged evidence that would exculpate him from the crimes that keep him imprisoned.

“For the first time, they had begun reviewing thousands of troubling text messages between some accusers regarding their drug use, sexual relationships, and a specific intent to set up the accused for money,” they said in a statement released by Iglesia La Luz del Mundo.

Now, according to Univision’s investigation, the lawyers fear for the freedom of the religious leader and even for those who could go to court as witnesses, because due to the use of face masks ordered due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Naasón Joaquín García would face “ghosts”, since the Prosecutor’s Office has also named the witnesses as unknown 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Several women will participate as witnesses who have already declared to the prosecutors that Naasón Joaquín sexually abused them in California when they were minors. Among them is Alondra Ocampo, who was arrested along with Naasón, has pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual collaboration with the religious leader and is now cooperating with the US authorities, assuring that she was also a victim of rape when she was 9 years old, the attacker being Samuel Garcia, founder of the Iglesia La Luz del Mundo and father of Nasson.

According to the investigation carried out by the American chain, the leader of La Luz del Mundo could still plead guilty and thereby reduce his sentence, but Naasón Joaquín García insists on his innocence.

Debate Mexico has asked La Luz del Mundo Church for a position on the alleged investigations by Univision, however, until the publication of this article, no communication was issued, the only response being that said publication “is biased.”

It should be remembered that Iglesia La Luz del Mundo emerged in Guadalajara, Jalisco, in 1926, and to date it has more than 5 million believers around the world. These are distributed in 15,000 temples that have a presence in 60 countries, including those located in Europe and America, with Mexico being where the majority (1.5 million believers) are found.