Lightning kills 16 wedding guests in Bangladesh, groom is injured

This Wednesday a great tragedy in a Bangladeshi town where 16 wedding guests were killed and the groom was injured by lightning.

The incident occurred exactly this noon in the town of Tellikhari Ferry Ghat, which is located on the banks of the Padma River, in the western district of Chapainawabganj.

According to information provided by the police and local media, a group of wedding guests, including the groom, had just boarded a boat that would take them to Panka in Shibganj, from Narayanpur in Chapainawabganj.

A few minutes later, heavy rain began to register in the area, forcing the boat to dock at the Tellikhari Ferry Ghat in Chapainawabganj, and people in the boat took refuge under a roofed shed. straw.

Suddenly, lightning struck the shed, causing 15 people to die instantly, while another 2 lost their lives while on their way to a hospital. 12 of the deceased are 12 men and 5 women and 7 of them were direct relatives of the couple.

It also transpired that the boyfriend was seriously injured in this incident and at the moment it is unknown what his state of health is.

Accidents like this are common in Bangladesh, as thunderstorms and deadly lightning strikes are constantly falling. An average of 200 people die every year in that country from accidents related to this situation.

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