Lightning strikes the Mecca tower in Saudi Arabia sparking debate on social media

Mecca tower withstands lightning due to design; social media debates authenticity of viral video from August 13. Largest clock remains unscathed.

A stunning video of lightning striking the tower in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, is going viral on social media. The video of the lightning strike, shared on Twitter by ‘Insider Paper’ -@TheInsiderPaper-, is a compilation from various angles.

And while it wouldn’t be the first time lightning has struck the Mecca tower – another was recorded in 2022 – some users are not convinced by the images.

Lightning strikes Mecca tower (SCREEN CAPTURE / tWITTER)
Lightning strikes Mecca Tower (SCREEN CAPTURE / tWITTER)

Did lightning strike the tower in Mecca, Saudi Arabia? This would be the truth

This August 13 on Twitter, a stunning video of lightning striking the tower in Mecca, Saudi Arabia was shared.

And although the video shows how lightning strikes behind and then on the clock, some users pointed out that it is false.

They explained that if it had fallen on the Mecca tower, the lightning would have destroyed it; however, it did not suffer any damage.

This is because the Mecca tower, like other tall buildings and constructions, is designed to “deflect lightning” towards the earth.

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2022 recorded a similar phenomenon, but instead of being seen as lightning strikes, it appeared to shoot out of the tower and light up the sky.

This kind of lightning is named ‘upward’; for example, 90% of the lightning strikes in the Empire State Building in New York, United States, are of this kind.

The building where lightning struck in Saudi Arabia, the Mecca Tower, is the third tallest in the world.

The Mecca Tower in Saudi Arabia is the third tallest building in the world; it is 601 meters high and has more than 100 floors.

And as if the structure wasn’t impressive enough, at the top of its structure, the tower boasts the largest clock on the planet.

The clock of the Mecca Tower has a mechanism with four dials more than 46 meters in diameter. The hands that mark the hours are 17 meters long, and the minute hands are 22 meters long.