Like one more citizen: David Beckham waits in the huge queue to see the coffin of Elizabeth II

Photo: ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images

Former soccer player David Beckham has been captured by television cameras this Friday afternoon, waiting patiently in the huge queue that has formed around the Palace of Westminster for citizens to pay their respects to the late Elizabeth II.

Dressed in dark clothing and a cap to try to blend in with the crowd, the former Manchester United and Real Madrid player wore a very serious face as he inched his way down the line. As the British government stressed this morning, no one will be able to avoid this long wait by gaining priority access to the Great Hall of Parliament, regardless of their popularity, professional prestige or previous service to politics.

Victoria Beckham’s husband was one of the athletes who expressed himself with the greatest emotion when extolling the figure of the late monarch, who died last Thursday at his Scottish residence in Balmoral. The businessman also wanted to publicly thank her sovereign for her more than 70 years of work as the main reference of the nation, a job carried out with the “dignity” and “grace” that always characterized her as head of state.

“I am deeply saddened by the death of Her Majesty, the Queen. The fact that we are all feeling devastated today reflects how much he meant to the people of this country and around the world. He greatly inspired us with his leadership and comforted us when times were tough. Until her last days, the Queen served her country with dignity and grace. She this year she was able to know firsthand how much they loved her. My thoughts and prayers are with the Royal Family”, she wrote a week ago on her social media.

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