Lili Estefan has her arms made up and looks very elegant with her daughter, Lina Luaces

We already know that all celebrities have their beauty tricks and, although the presenter of The fat and the skinny seems to be almost perfect, it is not. Lili Estefan had her arms made up to attend a social event She looked very elegant with her daughter, Lina Luaces.

It was her own Lili Estefan the one he wrote on his Instagram account: “When they make up your arms. Oh Franz Muñoz you always inventing. Happy Saturday beauties – wedding.” While she was seen wearing a spectacular blue dress while they put makeup on her armssame ones that have been super strengthened, because if there is something that the driver of The fat and the skinny is training.

turns out Lili Estefan had a wedding that he attended with his inseparable companion, his daughter Lina Luaces, who made an impact days before by opening her jacket and showing her bra. Let’s remember that Lina signed with an agency and is dedicated to her career as a professional model.

Few days ago, Lili Estefan caused controversy because he spoke about Covid infections and said: “Whoever wants to go out, go out and have fun.” This was criticized by many. However, another good batch supported the presenter of Univision. What he did make clear is that everyone should take the vaccine and thus prevent the spread.

Lili Estefan she continues to splurge beauty whenever she can. Right at the last installment of the Latin Grammy, La Flaca caused a sensation by showing a sexy transparency that almost reached the rear. Without a doubt, Lili is still one of the favorites of the Hispanic show business.

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