Lili Estefan enjoys Formula 1 thrills with William Levy and family in Miami

Join Lili Estefan as she shares her exhilarating F1 experience, accompanied by William Levy, their families, and cheering for Checo Pérez in Miami.

The television presenter Lili Estefan enjoyed the qualifying race for the 2023 Miami Grand Prix on May 7 in the American city.

To enjoy this Formula 1 show, the skinny girl on television was very well accompanied, since her daughter Lina Luaces, the Cuban actor William Levy and her son with Elizabeth Gutiérrez, the young Christopher Alexander, were with her.

Through her Instagram account, the host of the show ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, which broadcasts Univision, told details of what they experienced that day.

In the message, the Cuban-American commented: “Formula 1 in Miami, and I am here with the Count of Monte Cristo, William Levy, and it was spectacular to enjoy the race to qualify for the final tomorrow, Sunday. Let’s go, Checo Pérez, who took first place today, congratulations”.

Many of Lili Estefan’s followers loved that she spent a day with her famous friend, so they left her hundreds of messages. In some comments, they also talked about how handsome the son of the soap opera heartthrob is.

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“William’s son copied the beauty of his father,” “At this very moment, he stopped being the most desired man in the world because he passed the baton to you. You became the most desired woman in this world for the rest of the women who want to be with him. Thanks for sharing,” some wrote.

Lili Estefan imitates Cardi B

For years, the sympathy of Emilio Estefan’s niece has made her connect with millions of people, and a recent situation that demonstrated this was her imitation of Cardi B’s outfit at the 2023 Met Gala.

At this event, the American rapper posed with a splendid dress that Lili Estefan recreated this week on the television show ‘El Gordo y la Flaca.’

The situation became more picturesque when the celebrity reacted to the imitation that they did of her. Through his Twitter account, he wrote: “Wow… How are they so fast like that? I love it… It’s funny because Bad Bunny and I used to make jokes at our table”.

With this message, he implied that he loved the imitation that Lili Estefan did in ‘El Gordo y la Flaca,’ but he was also surprised by the speed with which they had that idea.