Liliana Rodríguez surprises with a bikini in front of the sea after having lost 75 pounds

Venezuelan Liliana Rodriguez is going through one of the best stages of her life, not only professionally, but also personally, a fact that has been proven on social networks and the content she shares on them. This is what she left in evidence on Instagram and TikTok where she can be seen sporting a two-part swimsuit while dazzling with her slender figure.

“And so I finished my weekend celebrating the return to my chair…tomorrow candelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”, was the message that accompanied the video.

The daughter of José Luis Rodríguez, who is already 55 years old, surprised her followers by showing how well she preserves her body after a remarkable physical transformation after getting rid of 75 pounds of excess weight. For this reason, she has shown her best smile in front of her current physique which has generated a lot of peace.

@lilianarodriguezmorillo Y así termine mi fin de semana celebrando el regreso a mi silla….. mañana candelaaaaaaaaaa!! @sientesequienpueda #tiktok #LilianaRodriguez #viralvideo #unimas #univision #venezuela #karolggatubela ♬ GATÚBELA – KAROL G & Maldy

Users of the Chinese social network couldn’t stand it and took the opportunity to mention how good she looked with a few pounds less. In addition, many netizens compared her beauty with that of her mother, Lila Morillo, and her sister, Lilibeth Morillo.

“How beautiful”, “Always beautiful Liliana”, “More beautiful than the beach”, “God bless you always, sister”, “More beautiful the first daughters of Puma”, “Blessings Liliana”, “Beautiful and gorgeous as always”, “How beautiful you are, blessings”, “Beautiful like your mommy and sister, greetings”, “Beautiful and cheerful as it should be”, “How beautiful, you are a strong and healing woman”, “I congratulate you, you look great”, “The years go by but you are still very beautiful”, were some of the impressions generated by the post.

Morillo assured that losing weight has been one of the best things she has been able to experience in her life. Therefore, she assured the audience that everything has changed in a positive way in all aspects.

“It’s the best thing I’ve done in my whole life, after my daughter Galilea of course. I’m almost 75 pounds lighter. It has changed 100% (of my life). I see things from another point of view, it’s already quantity and quality. I don’t have to overeat or drink too much,” she said recently.