Lionel Messi says goodbye to Kun Agüero with an emotional message: “I love you very much, friend”

Messi shared a photo carousel with Agüero on Instagram.

Photo: Rogerio Florentino / Getty Images

Moving, this was the message that the star dedicated to him Lionel Messi to his compadre Sergio “Kun” Agüerowho this wednesday announced his retirement from football due to heart problems.

“Practically a whole career together, Kun... We live very beautiful moments and others that were not so beautiful, all of them made us unite more and more and be more friends. Y we are going to continue living them together outside the court“, Messi shared on Instagram, with a carousel of photos in which it coincides with Kun.

The Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) footballer emphasized Agüero’s titles, such as the Copa América that he raised “so little ago” with the Argentine team and all the accolades he won in England.

“It hurts a lot to see how you have to stop doing what you like the most because of what happened to you. Surely you will continue to be happy. All the best in this new stage! I love you friend. I’m going to miss a lot being with you on the court and when we get together with the national team ”, Messi concluded.

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