Lis Vega confesses that she will continue to do cosmetic surgeries to look better and better

Mexico.- The Cuban woman with enormous curves Lis Vega surprised everyone after revealing in an interview that she will continue to undergo cosmetic surgery to look better and better, regardless of what others say about your appearance and your decisions.

Still in force on social networks thanks to its content, the Cuban actress, singer, model, composer and vedette became a trend again after offering an interview for the First Hand program, where he talked about his foray into OnlyFans and other personal issues.

About OnlyFans, the artist shared that she opened her account on the exclusive content platform to cover her expenses when the confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic began, but over time she understood that she could have good income that way, so continued working on its content.

On the other hand, due to the criticism that he has received in recent years due to his appearance, where they assure that he will end up like Lyn May ruining his physique, he decided to break the silence on the subject and had a lot to say.

“It’s such a hackneyed topic, that is, in the end it’s my body, no one is affected by what I do to myself, what I don’t do to myself,” he explained. Likewise, he continued to make it clear that the criticism does not affect him in the slightest, on the contrary, he loves that they talk about his appearance.

“What’s the problem? It’s my decision. I like it so much that I do it again every eight months and above even my parents or my friends that I love who tell me: ‘you’re very exaggerated’, because I like what I see,” explained Lis Vega.

Lis Vega confesses that she will continue to do cosmetic surgeries to look better and better

During the conversation, he added that one of the procedures he has undergone is injecting hyaluronic acid to disappear a scar. “The truth is that I don’t care, each one, or that they were going to kiss me,” she commented.

Despite the endless criticism that Lis Vega receives about her physiquethe Cuban has made it clear that she does not care what others think and talk about her, even, she is not afraid to continue undergoing cosmetic surgeries whenever she has the opportunity to improve her appearance and feel better about herself.

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