Lis Vega exudes sensuality by posing in a sexy photo without a bra and in a thong

Like a good Latin, Lis Vega is proud of those tempting curves that she has at 44 years old, and she does not miss an opportunity to show them off through her social networks with publications that make locals and strangers sigh.

This time, Lis Vega did not hesitate to upload a “spicy” postcard that melted the almost two million users following her on Instagram. In the pic, The Cuban woman wasted sensuality by appearing posing without a bra and with a blue thong that allows us to admire a lot of skin on her legs and hips.

“Incredibly beautiful 💖 and much more so in person,” “Every time one sees you, you need a map so as not to get lost among so much beauty 😍😍” and “You are a sexy sweetie, beautiful doll 🤗🥰,” were some of the compliments that They left the actress and singer in the publication.

Previously, Lis Vega took the opportunity to please all the girls who asked her to share her legs and buttocks routines. The also-vedette uploaded a video where she is seen exercising those parts of her body that attract so much attention, wearing a top and tight sports leggings.

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“GOOD MORNING 💪🏻☀️, for all those girls who have asked me for an easy #routine for #gluteos #femoral and #quadriceps, WHAT IS PROMISED IS DEBT 💪🏻 #happyweekend #fitnessmotivation #undiaalavez of each exercise 20 repetitions, six times 💪🏻 # reelsfit #reelsvideo #reels #SISEPUEDE 💋💋 #lapoetadelourbano #fit #womanspower”, he wrote at the bottom of the clip.