Lis Vega shares a sexy video on Instagram and is compared to Kim Kardashian

Lisa Vega aroused the lowest passions of the gentlemen thanks to a new video he shared on Instagramin which appears showing off the spectacular body that you own through a sexy tiny black bikini. However, she did not expect more than one netizen to finish her comparing to kim kardashian.

In the clip we can see several photographs of the actress, dancer and singer of Cuban origin modeling a fitted and tiny black latex bikiniwhich greatly highlights your curves and that stands out for have a daring neckline It leaves very little to the imagination.

As expected, the sexy post shared on her Instagram account did not go unnoticed by her more than 1.9 million followers and as proof of this we have the fact that the clip exceeds 7 thousand likes so far and has received hundreds of compliments.

They compare her to Kim Kardashian

The American socialite defied censorship by modeling a tiny bikini on Instagram. The Cuban has been harshly criticized on social networks for the radical physical transformation that she has suffered on her face over the years.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the sexy outfit of the Cuban star, who a few days ago caused controversy for kissing Latin Lover on the mouth, was compared to netizens with Kim Kardashian’s tiny bikiniwhich he used in a photo shoot for the American magazine Sports Illustrated.

“Not even in a dictionary would I find the exact words to describe such beauty”, “With that bikini you look like the leader of the Kardashian”, “That tattoo, those curves, everything about you is perfect”, “Kim and you are twins of bikinis, both sensual and both controversial” and “Great body, in love with you” are some of the compliments that are read in Instagram.

What happened to Lisa Vega?

The Cuban has been harshly criticized on social networks for the radical physical transformation that her face has undergone over the years.

AmericanPost.News you mentioned earlier that Lisa Vega has become social media conversation topic and not precisely because of his recent participation in Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy but because rumors of a new facial plastic surgerythis after his face looked different in a photograph he shared on the Internet.

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Photographs: Social Networks