Lisset fired her father, Willy Gutiérrez, with an emotional message

Photos: Willy Gutiérrez Cultural Center

Lisset Gutierrez Salazar He reappeared on social networks in the midst of the duel he is going through with his family. His father, Leobardo Guillermo Gutierrez Campoy, also know as Willy Gutierrez, He lost his life after his fight against cancer and the actress decided to share a heartfelt message in his honor.

Willy Gutiérrez lost his life on January 18, the same day he turned 76 years old. As Lisset revealed in her Instagram post, her father lost the battle against a lymphatic cancer after a long process where underwent operations, chemotherapy and hemodialysis; I also know faced a pulmonary thrombosis, two pneumonias and a tracheostomy.

Days before his death, Willy Gutiérrez was admitted to the ABC Hospital located in the Observatory and Lisset asked for the help of her fans to find blood and platelet donors for her father, a fact that she also thanked in her message. Unfortunately, the singing teacher died and His remains will be buried in the French Pantheon in Mexico City..

(Capture: @lisset_oficial/Instagram)
(Capture: @lisset_oficial/Instagram)

With deep pain and sadness, the actress of Love in custody confirmed the death of Willy Gutiérrez through a moving message he wrote in his memory. The interpreter shared the text on her Instagram profile along with a tender portrait of father and daughter.

“The greatest love, my adoration, my teacher, my mentor, my sensey, my guide, my daddy, the most loving, last night, the mere day of his birthday, transcended to another plane leaving behind a great legacy, of teaching, and above all a lot of LOVE!!!”, he began.

Within her message, Lisset remembered her father with great love and affection, highlighted the main teachings he left her and took a look at the close relationship that existed between them. The 48-year-old actress also said that the teacher did not suffer during his last hours of life, as he could have been sedated, adding that at that time Willy Gutiérrez had three catheters.

Willy Gutiérrez - Professor of the Academy - 06-01-22
Photos: Willy Gutiérrez Cultural Center

76 years of deeply loving music and be the best human being that God could send me the best dad, the best husband, the best son, the best brother, the best friend and without a doubt the best teacher!!! He lived a life full of love, full of God!! A life that was worth is worth and will be worth remembering!!!”, he continued.

Lisset decided to share the causes of her father’s death because, throughout her career in the media, she has felt the affection of the public for both her and her family. In addition, he commented that he did so as a way of thanking him for all the support he received in recent weeks, mainly after requesting blood and platelet donors.

The interpreter from Guadalajara accompanied her father during his complicated state of health and, at the same time, continued with the recordings of the telenovela my fortune is to love you, where he gave life to Samia. Between ideas and laps, Lisset was infected with coronavirus: “To top it off I came out positive COVID, I’m on my way out thank God!!!”, he added.

The actress is part of the cast of “My fortune is to love you”. Photo: Instagram

Willy Gutiérrez also left an indelible mark on the national artistic scene, since during his career he worked as a singing teacher, helping many artists work to achieve their dream. The singer gave birth to The academy, since he was part of the teachers of the first generation where Myriam Montemayor was crowned the winner.

“Dear Master Willy, you have transcended, as have your teachings, laughter and good memories in which we had the fortune to meet him and have him as a teacher, and on his birthday God receives him to eternal life, a big hug for his whole family, ”the singer recalled on her Twitter account.


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