“Little princess Ryan García does not want to fight”: Óscar de la Hoya explodes against the Pitbull Cruz team

Photo: Tim Warner/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, the World Boxing Council (WBC) ordered a fight between Ryan Garcia and Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz to meet the next mandatory challenger for the lightweight belt; but his promoters did not reach an agreement for the fight to take place.

“The little princess doesn’t want the fight. They just talk and talk, I’m not impressed that it’s 2 or 3 million dollars, ”Isaac Cruz, father of the Pitbull, had said in an interview with left foot. This is why Óscar de la Hoya, García’s promoter, clarified that the fight against Pitbull did not take place because his challenger’s team did not want to do it.

“Let me make it clear, Ryan and I were pushing for the fight. When the WBC ordered it was music to our ears and we were willing to split 50-50. Cruz’s team accepted that and they would be fools if they didn’t. It didn’t happen, it wasn’t done, not for us,” said the president of Golden Boy Promotions during a SugarRay Leonard.

De la Hoya reiterated that his team had everything ready for the fight to take place: “But we had already heard that Cruz’s side already had a fight for him; so these negotiations were rubbish. They never wanted to make the fight. If they want to do it later, we are willing to do it”, he commented.

Ryan will fight at the Crypto Arena on July 16; while Isaac will do it in August, both with rivals to be defined. The two boxers have also talked about facing Gervonta Davis, who will face Rolly Romero this Saturday, May 28. Pitbull Cruz already fought against the American, and fell by unanimous decision.

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