Live a miracle! Driver is uninjured in spectacular rollover

To the surprise of those who observed the event, a driver was found unscathed to spectacular rollover occurred on Avenida de los Insurgentes, one of the busiest in Chetumal.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Avenida Francisco I. Madero, when the driver of a Nissan Tsuru vehicle, in an apparent state of drunkenness, circulated to speeding.

At a certain moment lost control, causing the car to skid, cross the median, collide with a pole, a signal and also give two cartwheels, until finally finishing with the tires on the ground.

Fortunately, before the astonished gaze of those who were in the area, the driver of the unit was unharmed from the accident, for which he was taken before a public prosecutor accused of damaging the public highway and the car to a corral.

Home is burned

Live a miracle! Driver is unharmed in spectacular rollover.

A home caught fire during the early hours of this Tuesday, in the Centenario neighborhood, apparently as a result of a short circuit. There were no injuries, but there were material damages valued at tens of thousands of pesos.

The incident occurred in the house located on Petén Street between Diez and Cuatro Sur.

Elements of the police and municipal firefighters went to the site, but because the uniformed men were the first to arrive, they began fighting the flames with buckets full of water.

At the site, authorities met with the 38-year-old owner of the home named Dulce María, who explained that the house was on fire from the back.

The firefighters finished putting down the fire and subsequently cooled the place down, so fortunately no injuries were recorded.

Apparently the fire started as a result of a short circuit.