Liverpool sells Michael Kors clone bag, user exposes fraud

Buying branded bags can be complicated, as we have revealed in American Post Newsso many consumers prefer to buy them in department stores trusting that they are original, but now the doubt was activated when a TikTok user stated that Liverpool sells Michael Kors clone bag.

It was the self-named TikTok user danii_GE who revealed how she bought a Michael Kors branded bag from the Liverpool online store.

She shares that It was not the first time I did this but it was the first time I received an item that was not an originalHe but a clone.

Liverpool sell Michael Kors clone bag

Pirate bag is purchased in an online store. Thus the reactions of users to learn that Liverpool sells clone material.

How did the girl know that Liverpool sells Michael Kors clone bag? Because the characteristics of the bag, Danii GE says that it is not the first time buying bags from original brands, for which he explained that when the order arrived, noto it arrived in a plastic wrap.

When she opened it, she felt strange about the texture of the fabric that serves as the bag’s dust cover, but feeling excited about her new acquisition, she didn’t give it much importance until she saw the bag’s label, she knew that Liverpool sells a clone Michael Kors bag.

It turns out that neither the letters nor the alignment and not even the label itself was like the ones commonly found on this brand’s bags.

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Reactions to Liverpool clone bag

Thus the reactions of users to learn that Liverpool sells clone material.

  • “How strange Michael kors is not sold in Liverpool, in Mexico only in iron palace and MK boutiques”
  • “Liverpool is already a new Free Market hahaha, basically there are strange vendors but if Liverpool endorses them then ask them to make the guarantee!”
  • “I had already been told that liverpool sells pirated items”
  • “They are Chinese clones, I asked for a shopee coach out of curiosity and they bring the same dust cover and they come the same in a plastic bag with the logo”
  • “Friends, it’s true, I realized it with perfumes”
  • “Likewise, I saw a Balenciaga cap and it seemed very strange to me, in addition to the fact that it looked very chafisima! Liverpool lends its platform for external sellers to sell”

These have been some of the comments when learning from the viral TikTok video that Liverpool sells a Michael Kors clone bag, so they suggest going to official stores.

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