Livia Brito leaves you speechless by revealing under what conditions she would do an artistic nude

Just a few weeks after saying goodbye to her character as “Fernanda Linares” in the telenovela La Desalmada, Livia Brito reappeared on camera and talked about her plans on screen, and even revealed what challenges she would like to undertake to continue training as an actress. Here’s what she said!

In interview at the late show Faisy nights, the famous woman was honest about various aspects of her life, especially in the professional, where she revealed that she would still like to explore more possibilities within her characters, highlighting that she does not rule out the idea of representing a man or kissing a woman.

I would love to play a man, a man character. I don’t know, kissing a woman, in fact they already proposed one to me. But well, I am an actress, if I have to kiss, then I kiss. If the character deserves to kiss a woman, it is done. Yes, I would love to dress up as a man to see the characterization and how well I could do as an actress to act as a man”, she shared in front of Faisy’s Michelle Rodríguez and Mariana Ramírez.

Likewise, Livia Brito was questioned about the possibility of a nude, and in this regard she indicated that I would only do it, if necessary, for a project in film or theater, since “on TV if it is like a lot of roll, in theater it would be difficult but if I would do it too”.

Already on track, the actress told some anecdotes during the recordings of her most recent melodrama, “La Desalmada”, where she revealed that during the filming of intimate scenes she even invited her partner to “see what’s up” and not get jealous of what is shown on the screens.

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