Livia Brito poses in a white minibikini while playing on the beach

Without revealing the place to which he traveled, Livia brito is still on vacation, and has caused a sensation with his most recent post on Instagram. It is about some photographs in which she appears posing very sexy on the beach, wearing a white minibikini while playing in the sand. The message with which he accompanied the images was: “Running away and having fun on the beach is what I enjoy the most in life… never lose your inner child and don’t stop enjoying every moment that my babies give us life. What do you like to do on the beach? “

The beautiful Cuban actress also exploited her role as a model in other photos that show her posing at sunset and resting on a bunk, showing off her statuesque figure in a violet micro bikini; she did not let go of her dark glasses at all and the images (which her fans loved) have so far obtained more than 368,000 likes.

As a new television project emerges, Livia continues as an entrepreneur. Her line of girdles has been very well received and she herself acts as a model for the garments, showing off her toned body and showing the results.

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