Lizzo and Cardi B turn on the networks with the video clip of their song “Rumors”

Lizzo and Cardi B turn on the networks with the video clip of their song “Rumors”

The singers joined forces in a fun and sensual theme.

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Lizzo Y Cardi B are two of the most popular artists in the music industry right now, so the release of their collaborative track “Rumors” drove fans crazy and only hours after being published it already has millions of reproductions.

Just a few hours ago the first collaboration of the singers was made public: “Rumors”, a subject that recounts the “hate” to which they have been exposed and with which they respond to these criticisms in the way that only they know how to do it: with melodies and verses of impact.

“Spending all your time trying to take a woman down, real sh * t is happening, baby, look around …”, Lizzo sings with her unique style and carefree attitude.

The video directed by Tanu Muino transports Internet users to Olympus and shows Lizzo and Cardi B as goddesses, a look with which they reaffirm the position of female empowerment that has characterized them since their inception.

In addition to the incredible settings, heart-stopping outfits and elaborate choreography, Cardi B stole the glances of fans by showing her advanced pregnancy belly. However, this fact did not stop her from dancing to the music, displaying her daring dance steps.

Just a few hours after being published, the video clip “Rumors” by Cardi B and Lizzo has reached almost 6 million views and thousands of comments in which users expressed their appreciation for the topic: “The song is everything !! Cardi and Lizzo broke it ”; “I loved the feel of Hercules, both goddesses” and “There are barely a few seconds of song and I already love it”, are some of the reactions to the popular song.

Check out the official video of “Rumors” here:

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