Lolita Cortés humiliates a guest of La Academia and the networks react

The penultimate concert The academy generated great controversy and one of the moments that attracted the most attention was the uncomfortable situation that he experienced Paco de Miguel who took the stage as a guest to present an award, however courteous lolita He ended up humiliating him, unleashing a wave of memes.

The influencer Paco de Miguel giving life to his famous character ‘Mis Lety’ was in charge of delivering the Tik Tok awards together with William Valdés.

However, in AmericanPost.News We let you know that his participation did not go as expected, since he did not manage to make all the attendees laugh and even caused the annoyance of Lola Cortés, monopolizing the gossip of the show business.

Lolita Cortés humiliates Paco de Miguel and unleashes memes

What happened between Lolita Cortes and Paco de Miguel? What time to see the grand finale of La Academia?

Paco de Miguel’s participation in La Academia was not well received by many of the program’s fans, but especially by Lolita Cortés and Horacio Villalobos, who did not hesitate to show their disagreement with his jokes.

Although it was Lolita Cortés who ended up humiliating the influencer, who tried to make a joke about his work as a judge at The Academy.

William Valdés pointed out that the critics of The Academy did not like the comment to which the actress and singer replied: “No, I’m not even looking at it”, generating the influencer’s discomfort.

As expected, social networks did not let the moment pass and a wave of memes was unleashed, we share some of the best:

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Academy final schedule

What time to see the grand finale of La Academia?

It will be this August 14 that the winner of La Academia 2022 will be announced and the program will be broadcast on Tv Azteca starting at 8:00 pm.

Let us remember that the finalists of La Academia 2022 are Cesia, Mar, Rubí, Nelson and Andrés, who will face each other on stage tonight.

The winner of The academy It will be chosen by the public, through voting through the ‘Tv Azteca en Vivo’ app.

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