Lomas de Angelópolis Incident: Anáhuac Puebla University Student Under Scrutiny for Attacking Guard

Patricio Pereyra, an 18-year-old student, assaulted a security guard in Lomas de Angelópolis, leading to public outrage.

A viral video showing a university student viciously attacking a security guard has sparked outrage in Mexico, highlighting issues of classism and aggression among privileged youth.

The incident occurred on November 27 around 6:50 p.m. at the entrance booth for the upscale Lomas de Angelópolis neighborhood in Puebla, located about 80 miles southeast of Mexico City.

Security camera footage shows the young man, identified by internet users as 18-year-old Patricio Pereyra, brutally punching and kicking the middle-aged VMA company security guard after his vehicle was denied entry into the gated community. Witnesses said Patricio became enraged when the guard asked him to provide identification after the access app on his phone failed.

“You liked getting your ass kicked?” Patricio is heard taunting the guard in one video clip, even as the man retreats.

The graphic videos quickly went viral on social media, unleashing condemnation and calling for justice. Many were outraged over what they saw as the extreme classist display of power by Patricio against a working-class employee just doing his job.

University Acts Swiftly

Patricio was soon identified online as a student at the prestigious Universidad Anáhuac Puebla private university. School administrators acted swiftly, announcing in a Nov. 29 statement that they had temporarily suspended Patricio while they conducted an investigation.

The university condemned Patricio’s behavior, saying it contradicted their values of “respect, responsibility, truth, service, justice and solidarity.” Officials warned that their strict disciplinary process could result in Patricio’s permanent expulsion.

Previous Incidents with Family

But some on social media said the incident fits what they call a pattern of aggression by both Patricio and his family. Last year, local media reported that Patricio’s mother, Paola N., was recorded physically assaulting another woman at a shopping plaza in Cuernavaca, Morelos.

Paola can be seen in the video repeatedly striking the woman in the face while hurling insults related to the victim’s alleged relationship with her husband.

“Don’t mess with Carlos!” Paola yells during the altercation, referencing her partner and Patricio’s father.

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Officials have not said whether Paola faced any charges over that incident. But many found disturbing similarities with her son’s blatant attacks targeting working-class strangers over minor conflicts.

Governor: Guard Should Press Charges

Puebla’s governor, Sergio Salomón Céspedes Peregrina, spoke out against the Lomas de Angelópolis attack.

“I condemn classism,” Céspedes wrote on social media on Nov. 29. “The elitist gap separates individuals based on their social class, race, beliefs, physical abilities or preferences.”

The state leader said what transpired “shocked the entity” of Puebla. He pressed the assaulted security guard to file a complaint with authorities formally.

Céspedes also implored mothers and fathers to take responsibility for instilling values in their children, saying, “We should not blame the environment or schools” alone.

Ongoing Investigations

The public has not heard directly from Patricio, his family, or representatives. The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) said they are investigating the attack and could file criminal charges if deemed warranted.

Lomas de Angelópolis has over 7,000 upscale homes behind its walled entrances and security checkpoints. Residents must provide proper documentation to guards staffing the entrance booths to gain vehicle access.

The neighborhood has been home to several shocking incidents in recent years, including an armed robbery in 2020 where intruders stormed a house, threatening a family at gunpoint.

Still, many point to broader societal issues behind violent temper tantrums that target lower-income workers. The student’s unjustified assault of the guard, they argue, is yet another manifestation of ugly class divides still plaguing sections of Mexican society today.