Long live Mexico! Plaza Fiesta celebrates Mexican independence

  • The Plaza Fiesta was the scene of the celebration of the Independence of Mexico.
  • Hundreds of members of the Hispanic community gathered for the celebration.
  • Since 1990 in Atlanta they remember the Cry of Independence and the National Holidays.

Three decades have passed since the former Mexican consul Teodoro Maus together with residents of Grant Park organized in 1990 the first popular celebration of the Independence of Mexico in the Atlanta metropolitan area, but the spirit has not waned and new generations continue to celebrate their maximum party .


It is because of that Fiesta Square It became a scene of celebration for hundreds of people, who this Sunday celebrated the National Holidays in advance, as happens every year when September arrives, when, in addition to Mexico, several Central American countries also celebrate their independence.

Popular party

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As part of the celebration, in addition to the civic event with the usual Cry of Independence by Javier Díaz de León, Consul General of Mexico in Atlanta, there was gastronomy and family fun, with outstanding performances by La Original Banda Limón and Los Consentidos Cadetes de Linares.

In addition, the soprano Alejandra Sandoval, the Infiel Group, Juan Miguel “El Charro de Aguascalientes”, “El Mayito” from Michoacán, Josué Montiel, Solangi and the Ollin Yolliztli Folkloric Group from Clila-Dalton participated in an event that Sunday afternoon in one of the parking lots of the renowned Plaza Fiesta.

They pay tribute to Mexico

Fifteen artists and musical groups such as La Maquinaria Norteña and La Energía Norteña came together to pay tribute to Mexico on dates in which they prepare to celebrate the Cry of Independence, which is commemorated every September 15.

“¡Viva México!”, Already available on digital platforms, also brought together La Fiera De Ojinaga, Los Pescadores del Río Conchos, La Alianza Norteña, La Reunion Norteña, La Furia del Bravo, Los Cazadores Del Cerro, Jorge Almir, La Cuadrilla Norteña, Los De Chiwas Group, Tierra Caliente Stars, Cachas de Oro, Alto Mando and Pedro Galindo.

Outstanding musicians

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The new version of the well-known song, performed in the past by iconic Mexican artists such as Antonio Aguilar, Lucero and Maricachi Vargas, among others, makes a mix of norteño sax, mariachi, sierreño and Tierra Caliente, the record label Azteca Records reported this Friday.

Keith Nieto, saxophonist and musical director of La Maquinaria Norteña, highlighted the pride of participating in this song alongside “incredible artists”, a sentiment that Mauricio Palma, vocalist of La Fiera De Ojinaga, attributed to the fact that it is dedicated to the celebration of the “month of the fatherland”.

Mexico in the heart

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“We are honored to be part of this great tribute to our beloved Mexico on the 211th anniversary of its independence,” said Daniel Arras, lead singer of Los Pescadores Del Río Conchos.

Mexico celebrates its feat of independence from Spain (1810-1821) with the so-called Grito de Dolores on the night of September 15 and on September 16 with a military parade.

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