Looking for a boyfriend online, María Antonieta Collins received a proposal from María Elena Salinas’ ex?

It is not a joke or a Fake News or yes … Looking for a boyfriend online, María Antonieta Collins received an alleged proposal from María Elena Salinas’s ex, Elliot Rodríguez?

But, let us start at the beginning. This month, MAC turns 15 as a widow, a title that she won without looking for it when her last husband, Fabio Fajardo, died of a devastating cancer that he suffered in the last 7 months of his life. So he decided that it was time to try again to try your luck in love, which ended up being a story with a front page headline of his show, ‘Wake up America on Sunday’.

Marie Antoinette began the adventure of looking for a boyfriend online, that is, in dating applications. For that she had the complicity of one of her best friends, the also journalist Diana Montaño, who has been using this method for 9 years to seek love.

What he never imagined is that, looking for that man, he would find tmends surprise by giving ‘approval’ to the 65-year-old widower, civil engineer named ‘Nero Honor’. It was nothing more and nothing less, supposedly, than the ex-husband of María Elena and father of her two daughters, Gaby and Julia.

Elliot Rodríguez. Photo: Elliot Rodríguez’s Facebook

Seeing the photo of his colleague and former partner, both MAC and Diana were shocked, not just because he was Maria Elena’s ex, but because the CBS news anchor is married!

They immediately contacted Rodríguez who was surprised and not… Why? Because Although the one in the photo was indeed him, he was not the creator of the profile, but rather an identity theft with the aim, possibly, of scamming women.

This sof course Elliot, called Nero Honor, asked him to leave the application and follow the communication via e-mail, that was the first MAC error, as it is one of the application’s rules not to do that, to avoid this, a scam.

The image usurper even sent him a photo with María Elena’s eldest daughter, where he said she was his granddaughter. MAC contacted his colleague and friend, who indeed confirmed that the one in the photo was his ex.

So Marie Antoinette and Diana decided to contact Elliot and interview him for ‘Wake up America on Sunday’. The presenter of CBS 4, told them that he never, was in any type of applications nor before, and less now that He has been married for 9 happy years to Brenda Rodríguez.

“Another vez with Facebok dating… A co-worker found out and told me, I contacted Facebook and they removed the profile“, Elliot explained to MAC from the living room of his house where he received her.

Although he cannot guarantee that it was the same possible usurper, he did use ‘Nero Honor’ on both occasions. “Taking advantage of vulnerable people, they look for money“, Said the journalist.

Once the situation was clarified, Diana Montaño said the same to María Antonieta, that you always have to be very careful, especially those who seek to give pity, because they may be scammers or people who in truth end up only asking for money from those who are looking for love.

What did MAC decide after this experience? … To continue his life alone and calm, without looking for what, perhaps, comes alone and not through applications.


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