López-Gatell says that 65% of those hospitalized for COVID-19 are not vaccinated

The advance of the COVID-19 pandemic reached worrying levels after the arrival of the Omicron variant, since it was said that this is more contagious and although it is not as aggressive as Delta, it is also very risky, as the Undersecretary of Health Hugo said. Lopez-Gatell.

The epidemiological traffic lights are constantly changing in Mexico, since the lack of awareness of the population has caused new waves of infections to be registered in several states and many people end up hospitalized.

Apparently it is not only the danger of contagion that generates positive cases, but it was said that a large percentage of people hospitalized for the virus do not even have a vaccine, which is why the risk of contagion and expansion is even greater.

65% of those hospitalized for COVID-19 are not vaccinated: Hugo López-Gatell

The statistics showed the low level of vaccination that exists in Mexico Omicron increased infections in recent weeks

During the last hours, the official gave new figures in the morning government conference, clarifying that this is the percentage registered at the national level, which shows the enormous delay in vaccination campaigns in the country.

A few weeks ago Hugo López-Gatell declared that the +Omicron variant is more contagious but less serious+, and reaffirmed his position saying that infections have increased up to 10 times, however hospitalizations or deaths have not, although among those hospitalized, 65% does not have any vaccine.

Pandemic in Mexico advances by Omicron

Omicron increased infections in recent weeks

While in countries like Austria + they make the vaccine against COVID-19 + mandatory, in Mexico more and more people are refusing to be vaccinated, which has hindered medical work to control the pandemic and infections are increasing day by day. .

Meanwhile, the government continues its efforts, assuring that they have already paid 1,626 million dollars in vaccines, and during the conferences it is illustrated what happens with the Omicron variant to prevent citizens.

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