Lorena de la Garza the famous Nacasia irresistibly beautiful in a swimsuit

Lorena de la Garza 47-year-old has caused a total stir for a postcard he made on his Instagram account where he is seen wearing a black and red swimsuit which looks very good, because few knew that the artist had a figure of total envy, starting with her toned abdomen.

In the photo you can see the Mexican actress from the beach and posing like never before with her arms over her head, which is why her physique stood out much more, also what draws the attention of this woman is that the years do not pass over her , since her complexion looks great.

Although the artist has the comments deactivated, her followers gave her their like showing that they loved the photo, they have also always shown respect for Lorena de la Garza, because she is a woman who has never gotten into scandals and when there are, immediately it solves them, because it does not tolerate intrigues.

“I am impressed with the quality of Lorena, she is a Lady and her education is correct. I enjoyed her story. God bless you Lorena”, “Intelligent, outgoing, simple, kind, sweet, what a great woman !!! blessings of life !!! “

For those who do not know, another of the virtues that this famous person carries is the gift of singing, as he has a wonderful voice, if you take a look at YouTube, you will be able to see some videos, where he is seen singing in an extraordinary way, especially the Ballad which is doing very well, although it could dominate any genre.

Despite being a very beautiful woman, Lorena de la Garza could be single at the moment, because although her life is very private before the media, she has not been seen with any gallant because her career is a priority.

It is worth mentioning that one of her most popular roles on the small screen has been as Nacasia in shows like La Hora Pico.

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