Lorena Herrera and the day that María Rubio and other actresses called her a “bad actress”

Mexico. Lorena Herrera, actress and singer from Sinaloa, is one of the beauties of the Mexican show who began her career in the eighties and He has stood out mainly with his performance in Mexican soap operas and films.

Lorena Herrera has been admired for her beauty, also for her discipline for exercise, but also criticized by many about being a bad actress.

Years ago, the actresses Laura Zapata and the late María Rubio, among others, attacked Herrera and publicly stated that she was not acting, so they doubted his histrionic abilities.

A video of the Cristina Show program circulates on YouTube and its content shows the presence of actresses Laura Zapata, María Rubio, Azela Robinson and Cynthia Klitbo, among other celebrities, who talk about their work on television.

Said broadcast would have been broadcast during 1997. Cristina Saralegui shares that Lorena Herrera would be the villain of the telenovela María Isabel, produced by Carla Estrada and starring Adela Noriega and Fernando Carrillo.

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After referring to the above, Saralegui questioned her guests what they thought that Herrera was the villain of said story. “Suddenly they want to fill the screen, filled with balls they …”, answered Laura Zapata.

María Rubio, who died in 2018 at the age of 83, quotes: “I think it is wonderful that she has that body and that she shows it, but that she has a little talent, damn it. That’s what you need ”.

“Lorena Herrera is a figure, she is not an actress”, completes Azela Robinson, and Zapata adds: “It is a wax figure, I mean, sorry.”

“If she sings the way she acts, and she sings that way, and she acts like she sings, I mean, she’s lost, then let her teach,” says María Rubio, remembered for her role as Catalina Creel in the unforgettable soap opera Cuna de lobos.

In that year (1997), Lorena played Lucrecia in the telenovela María Isabel and was directed on stage by the late Mónica Miguel, but the aforementioned actresses agreed in Cristina Saralegui’s program that the actress originally from Mazatlán, Sinaloa, did not have any gifts. histrionic back then.

Lorena Herrera began her artistic career as a model participating in beauty contests such as “The Look Of The Year”, “Miss Bikini International” and “Señorita Univision”, and according to information in her biography, she has acted in around sixty films, including Cocaine, The Scorpion Reef, The Mink’s Shelter and Blind Death.

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And among other soap operas in which Lorena Herrera has participated, Muchachitas, El Premio Mayor, Dos mujeres, un camino and Lola, érase una vez stand out.

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