Lorenzo Córdova: “If the mandate is revoked, it is thanks to the INE.”

The President Counselor of the National Electoral Institute (INE), Lorenzo Cordovainsisted that the electoral body does not intend to hinder the Revocation of Mandate and on the contrary, he assured that if it will be carried out it is thanks to the Institute despite all the obstacles that have been encountered.

It was during his Sunday message that the electoral official reiterated that this exercise in participatory democracy will have guarantees of legality, objectivity, transparency and certainty.

On the other hand, he reported that they are already training thousands of people who will support said consultation, and as we informed you here at AmericanPost.News, the Institute is already preparing everything, it even already has 94.5 million ballots for the exercise.

The Revocation of Mandate goes thanks to the INE.

It was in a video that he shared through his official Twitter account that Córdova Vianello said, “If the revocation of the mandate goes through, it is thanks to the INE and the thousands of people who are being trained to install the polling stations, receive and count the votes of their neighbors on April 10,” he expressed in his message Sunday”.

In this regard, the head of the INE announced that three national forums will be held for the debate on the exercise in Mexico City, which will have the objective of promoting the discussion of the different existing positions on the revocation of the mandate, “In addition, similar exercises will be carried out in the 32 entities and will even be able to celebrate at the district level”, assured the counselor.

He explained that the forums are intended for citizens to have more elements to decide their participation in “this unprecedented process of direct democracy.”

The forums will be conducted by the Social Communication Coordination of the INE “with absolute impartiality and objectivity”, in which equity between the two positions referred to in the consultation will be guaranteed.

What is the Mandate Revocation consultation?

The Mandate Revocation consultation is an instrument of democratic participation so that citizens can decide after the first 3 years of a president’s government whether to continue in office or leave it.

This still unprecedented consultation for our country will be held on April 10; In this regard, President López Obrador has already spoken and prior to the electoral ban he commented that he feels sure to finish his mandate in 2024.

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