Los Angeles Chargers one win away from entering the NFL Playoffs

Photo: Katelyn Mulcahy / Getty Images

In the final week of the NFL a Los Angeles Chargers and the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC, and the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC, it is enough to win in their respective games to ensure their participation in the postseason.

The Chargers (9-7) right now with one of the two remaining tickets available in the American Conference, they will reach the playoffs if they beat the Raiders (9-7), although Las Vegas can snatch the quota if they come out with the victory.

The Colts, 9-7, have the same mission; prevail to tie up the other quota, something that does not seem so complicated if you take into account their rival, the Jacksonville Jaguars, 2-14, the worst team this season. An Indianapolis loss would allow a draw between the Chargers and Raiders to qualify these squads.

The rest of the teams with a postseason ticket in the AFC start with the Titans, 11-5, champions of the South and number one in the AFC; it is enough for them to pass the Texans to rest in the first week of the postseason by being first.

Also taking place in the playoffs are the Chiefs, 11-5, Western monarchs, who hope to combine a win over Denver with a loss to Tennessee to finish atop the AFC.

The Bengals, 10-6, owners of the North, in their game against the Browns will rest their quarterback Joe Burrow, and the participation of their running back Joe Mixon for positive to COVID-19 is in doubt.

Buffalo, 10-6, will define the East title in their favor if they beat the Jets, but if they lose and the Patriots, 10-6, beat Miami they will win the division championship. Both are qualified.

In the National Conference the last postseason ticket will remain in the hands of San Francisco, 9-7, if they win or the New Orleans Saints do not beat the Falcons.

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