Los Angeles City Council confirmed the first woman to lead the city’s Fire Department

For the first time in its history, the LAFD will be led by a woman.

Photo: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

unanimously, The Los Angeles City Council confirmed on Tuesday the appointment of Kristin Crowley as the first woman to lead the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD).) from the city.

Crowley will take over the post on March 26.the date on which the current head of the LAFD, Ralph Terrazas, is scheduled to retire.

On January 18, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti made Crowley’s proposal along with City Council President Nury MartinezCrowley and Terrazas at the Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center.

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Before she was the next head of the LAFD, Crowley had made history in 2016 by becoming the city’s first female fire chief..

“I am honored by the opportunity to be the next chief of the Los Angeles City Fire Department and lead the department into the future. As fire chief, if confirmed, I promise to take a strategic and balanced approach to ensure we meet the needs of the community we serve,” said Crowley.

“We will focus our efforts on increasing our operational effectiveness, improving the safety and well-being of firefighters, and fully commit to fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture within the LAFD,” added the future head of the LAFD.

In 1998, Crowley passed the firefighter’s exam, ranking in the top 50 out of 16,000 applicants, according to the LAFD.

During his 22-year career with the LAFD, Crowley rose through the ranks as Firefighter, Firefighter Paramedic, Engineer, Fire Inspector, Captain I, Captain II, Battalion Chief, Deputy Chief, Fire Chief, and Deputy Chief.

“Throughout her distinguished career, Kristin Crowley has proven her brilliance, determination and courage on the job time and time again. She has also shown this city her heart, with her tireless commitment to helping students access life-changing educational opportunities. There is no one better equipped to lead the LAFD right now than Kristin. She is ready to make history, and I am proud to nominate her as the next head of the department.Mayor Garcetti said when announcing the nomination.

Crowley will lead a department that has recently come under fire for accusations of racism, sexism and abuse of female members of the LAFD.. On Oct. 19, Fire Commissioner Rebecca Ninburg called on the mayor to remove Terrazas as chief, saying culture starts at the top and leaders set the tone.

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The day before Ninburg sent the brief to Garcetti, the Women of the Los Angeles Fire Service, an association of women firefighters, held a press conference calling for Terrazas’ removal.

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