Los Angeles Rams Latino super fan sets trend with his “rambrero”

Ramón Sánchez, a super fan of the professional football team, the Los Angeles Rams, known as “El Ramrero” among the fans, has set the trend since 2006, with his original creation that incorporates the horns of the rams into the charro hat.

“I don’t know how it happened. I only know that I saw the horned helmets, and I tried to put the horns on the charro hat and they looked perfect,” says Ramón.

Wearing his flashy horned charro hat, he arrived at one of his favorite team’s games and caused a sensation.

“Everyone wanted to take pictures with me. Others wanted to buy me the hat that I baptized as a rambrero. Ram for Los Rams and Brero for hat”.

Ramon Sanchez’s rambrero. (Courtesy)

With his rambrero, Ramón pays tribute to his Mexican heritage and his favorite team since he was a child.

“I was born here in Los Angeles, but my parents came from Nayarit, Mexico, and my cousins ​​are charros from Tepic, Nayarit,” he explains.

This Los Angeles fanatic is married and the father of three adult children and grandfather of 3 grandchildren. For 18 years, he has worked for the Water Department of the city of Alhambra in Los Angeles County.

His home in San Gabriel is filled with Los Rams collectibles, including helmets, banners, and his 4 ramberos.

But Ramón doesn’t just arrive carrying his rambrero to the stadium to watch the Rams games. The super fanatic puts on a charro tie, and crosses his chest with a plastic bullet holster, as if he were a Mexican revolutionary.

“Many ask me to sell them my rambreros, but I don’t sell them. I tell them how to make one. Too easy. They buy the hat in Placita Olvera for around $30, and the foam horns also cost about $30 on Amazon. Paint is $5 and glue is about the same at Home Depot. They paint the horns and glue them to the charro hat, and that’s it, they already have a rambrero”.

Ramón “El Ramrero” Sánchez with the Los Angeles Rams mascot. (Courtesy)

The super fanatic says that he really enjoys going to the games decked out in his rambrero.

“Sometimes it’s like a second job,” he says. But it was worth it because the Rams included it in their book Faces of the Rams where the 25 super fans of the team appear”.

And he can’t complain, sometimes he’s had his rewards, like when a brewery invited him and 15 of his friends over for free beer.

“I have been a super fan of the Rams since I was a child. I grew up watching their games on TV. I liked their colors and uniforms.”

That’s why since he can remember, he tries not to miss any game of his favorite team.

Only this time he won’t be able to go to the stadium to see them in the Super Bowl final, because he just had knee surgery.

Ramón “El Ramrero” Sánchez supports social causes such as breast cancer awareness. (Courtesy)

What is more, 15 days ago, in a public place in Pico Rivero, where a large number of fans gathered to watch a Los Rams game, several, including him, were infected with the dreaded covid.

“I’m fine now. But we are going to watch the game at my daughter’s house, who has a newborn. She doesn’t want a lot of people so she doesn’t expose the baby to covid.”

What Ramón never imagined is that his rambrero would gain followers.

“Seeing me, other fans decided to create their rambreros to wear to Rams games.”

He says that when he sees them at a game, he yells ‘mijos’ at them. “They are like my children. I tell them that I am their daddy, because I was the first to create the rambreros, and they have now followed that trend. I started the revolution. They are between 15 and 20”.

Ramón “El Ramrero” Sánchez, super fan of the Los Angeles Rams for more than 50 years. (Courtesy)

Los Rams fans who also wear rambreros call themselves on Instagram, Ramcheros.

“El Rambrero” is eager to see the Super Bowl final in which his Los Angeles Rams team will face the Cincinnati Bengals.

“Of course the Rams are going to win on Sunday”, this super fanatic predicts without hesitation and without thinking twice.

You can follow Ramón on his Instagram account #elrambrero.

In addition to the traditional rambrero with the blue and yellow colors of the Los Angeles Rams, it has another rambrero with the blues and whites of the Rams of the 60s.

He also created a red ramrod to wear for Christmas; and a pink one to wear with pride during Breast Cancer Month.