The group that once drew over 63,000 fans in Guadalajara, Los Temerarios, is set to disband after 46 years

Los Temerarios announced separation after 46 years; the final tour spans 2023 to 2024 across the Americas.

After an illustrious 46-year journey, the renowned musical group Los Temerarios has decided to part ways. “We have made the difficult decision to separate musically, thereby closing one of the most significant and rewarding chapters of our lives,” they shared in a poignant statement.

The group further announced that their scheduled tour from September 2023 to November 2024 would mark their last performances together. “We will embark on this tour with the same love and respect with which we’ve always approached our music,” they conveyed through their social media channels on Monday.

As of now, the reasons behind the group’s decision to split remain undisclosed.

A Legacy of Memorable Performances

Adolfo Ángel Alba and Gustavo Ángel Alba confirmed that the dates already set for September and November 2023 will be honored. Moreover, fans can look forward to concerts in Mexico, the United States, and various countries in Central and South America throughout 2024.

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Their touching message reiterated the deep bond they’ve shared since childhood. “With the love that has united us since we were children and the passion we’ve felt for the vocation we’ve had the privilege to pursue and share for over 46 years, we want to communicate our challenging decision to part ways musically.”

A Musical Milestone

The performances of Los Temerarios have always been a spectacle to behold, garnering acclaim not just in their native Mexico but also in the United States and South America. One particularly remarkable concert occurred on February 16, 1991, in Guadalajara, attracting an astounding crowd of over 63,000 attendees. This event set a new standard for a group of their genre at that time.

Among their many accomplishments, a standout moment occurred on February 28, 1998. Los Temerarios graced the stage of the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez. Playing to an audience of over 60,000, they became the first “romantic group” to perform at this rock emblem venue, which had previously hosted legendary acts such as Pink Floyd, Madonna, and the Rolling Stones.