Los Tigres del Norte express reservations about teaming up with Peso Pluma

Los Tigres del Norte says no to collaboration prospects with Peso Pluma amid his rising success in the music scene. At least for now!
  1. Los Tigres del Norte remain discerning about potential collaborations, even with chart-toppers like Peso Pluma.
  2. Peso Pluma’s new album ‘Génesis’ showcases collaborations with multiple artists, enhancing his already strong musical portfolio.
  3. While his music thrives, Peso Pluma’s Beverly Hills mansion reflects his luxurious lifestyle and commercial achievements.

Despite the meteoric rise of Peso Pluma in the music scene, not every artist seems eager to jump on board with the singer. Renowned band Los Tigres del Norte recently expressed reservations about collaborating with the trendy corridos tumbados performer.

The group clarified their stance in a candid discussion with host Yordi Rosado. “It’s not about recording for the sake of recording because so-and-so is popular and has a lot of likes,” they emphasized.

Peso Pluma, also known as ‘Doble P,’ has a history of successful partnerships with other big names in the music industry. Yet, for now, Los Tigres del Norte opted out of adding their names to his ever-growing list of collaborators.

On a brighter note, Peso Pluma’s latest album, ‘Génesis,’ continues to bask in acclaim. The album, available across various music platforms, boasts 14 tracks, many of which feature collaborations with artists such as Jasiel Nuñez, Natanael Cano, and Eladio Carreon, to name a few.

The 24-year-old singer, whose real name is Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, hails from Guadalajara, Jalisco. He’s celebrated for hits like ‘El Azul’ and ‘Ella Baila Sola’, which have garnered him millions of listeners. ‘Génesis’ marks his triumphant return after previous successful albums like ‘Disco En Vivo’ and ‘Efectos Secundarios’.

Inside Peso Pluma’s Lavish Lifestyle

The commercial success Peso Pluma has achieved is evident not just in his music but also in his lifestyle choices. A recent buzz on social media centered around the singer’s new dwelling in the US—a lavish mansion in Beverly Hills.

The property, which Peso Pluma currently rents, boasts a price tag of nearly $50,000, as reported by TV Azteca. This opulent mansion offers a myriad of amenities, from a shimmering pool to a well-equipped gym and a sprawling garden.

But the mansion is just the tip of the iceberg regarding Peso Pluma’s indulgences. The artist recently splurged on a new smile, a procedure that set him back almost $60,000. He also flaunted a luxurious chain, a dazzling piece with a staggering price of nearly $500,000.