‘Los Tigres del Norte’ pay tribute to Vicente Fernández with a song

Like all the people of Mexico, The North Tigers mourn the recent passing of the legendary Vicente Fernandez and to show him the great admiration they have for him, they honor him with a song.

Vicente Fernandez died at the age of 81, due to the fall he suffered at his “Los Tres Potrillos” ranch after 4 months in the hospital.

Tribute to Vicente Fernández

The Tigres del Norte share a song for Vicente Fernández The death of Vicente Fernández has impacted Mexico

Now “Los Tigres del Norte” used their social networks to express their affection for the artist who unfortunately died on December 12, 2021 leaving the hearts of his fans, friends and family shattered.

With a publication where they remember the song they recorded as a tribute, they mentioned:

“With this song we pay tribute to the great charro of Mexico, who with his dedication and dedication raised the ranchera. We applaud his legacy and we always remember him, Don Chente ”, they wrote alongside the video.

Release song in honor

The death of Vicente Fernández has impacted Mexico

In The Verdas Noticias We tell you that the corrido with which the group paid tribute to Vicente Fernández’s career in life is called “Un consentido de Dios” and was launched at the beginning of 2019.

In the video, Los Tigres del Norte share a camera with the singer Vicente Fernández, who appears riding a horse and smiling with his friends.

The production was created with black and white images, to date it has 8.3 million views on YouTube.

The recording of the images for the video took place in Jalisco, specifically at the Los Tres Potrillos ranch in Vicente Fernández, where he was buried and now the artist’s remains rest.

The decision of The North Tigers about doing the subject was because he considers Vicente Fernandez as the greatest exponent of Mexican music and like many other celebrities they showed their respect for one of the greatest exponents of music.

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